Don’t Throw It Away!


There is a blast of energy being sent to us from the Divine. Some of us don’t know what to do with it. We are unprepared and may misinterpret it. We may feel like we are being hit with something confusing and disruptive. This is our natural defense against things unknown.

We ask that you allow this energy to infuse with your own and receive the benefits that God is sending to you. It would be safe to accept this gift while meditating. Always perform your protection exercises prior to beginning. Ask that only your spirit guides and angels be present during this “download.” Do your best to hold only a bright White Light while you meditate.

This energy is a very solid golden-white light. It is focused on your mind and third eye. It appears like the headlight of a train. The true color of this gift is blissfully blinding. You may feel light-headed but this will pass.

We are being given a chart alignment adjustment. Sort of a reload of what you need to be doing in order to advance on your chart. You may have been distracted by erroneous things or emotional events. This boost will help to clear away any distractions and remind you where to go.

Some of you have already blocked your energy infusion. Spirit states that you have crumpled it up and thrown it away. This is understandable since you did not know this was coming and didn’t understand what it was. This is why spirit is letting you know now.

Relax and allow God to clear the way. Things will seem so much brighter. Coincidences will occur to make life easier and seemingly charmed. Many of your wishes will come to you if you are humble and appreciative.

You may assist God to bring you this gift by envisioning your world brighter and more bold in color. Make your spaces white-gold. Imagine sparkles of light. Cleanse any dark energy from all of your spaces and refill them with God’s true love. Envision your cup overflowing, literally. It is possible to envision a cup or chalice that represents you and watch it overflow with golden white light. This is a good way to stay energized and motivated. Normally draining events will not hold you back. If you notice that you are losing your burst of positive energy then simply re-envision your cup overflowing again.

Also flush and clear your head and third eye. Make room for God’s inspiration. Sit or lie down. Envision your head full of White Light only. Allow this light to flow abundantly through you and into the earth for cleansing. Boost the light and energy of your ear and third eye chakras Your ears are a red-violet and your third eye is indigo. Increase the intensity of this light until your eyes strain to look at it. Maintaining this clarity will help you utilize this wave of Divine inspiration. Remember to thank Mother Earth for accepting your cast off energy and ask her to repurpose it for something healthy and useful.

Why now? We have a few more weeks before the Earth begins to ready for sleep again. We have all of our resources available to us now and we may accomplish a lot before the energy shift that comes with the next solstice. This may be the wane of Summer but look at it as your time to push forward and grow in wisdom and experience.

Make some short and longterm plans. Decide what to focus on until we meet with the next holiday season.

Always remember to raise your vibration. You ascend off of this planet with grace and beauty. Nothing may hold you back if you believe in your Divinity.

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