It Is a Parallel Journey

We are in a journey to actualize into the person who we are intended to be. Our journey may seem parallel to the path of others and this is accurate. Many of us have believed that our paths intertwine with those of our family and loved ones. Now it seems more evident that we are travelling alongside members of our inner circle.

This makes sense since we are here in physical form yet completing our charts we wrote on the Other Side. This incarnation is a learning process. You are hopefully moving forward and so are your loved ones. You may be very far advanced in spiritual learning and knowledge but yet there you are walking next to your loved ones. That explains why our lives are really parallel.

In order to advance you may have to shake yourself loose from some people who are grey or dark so that you may advance according to your wishes. It is totally possible to still love and communicate with them yet resist allowing them to delay or detour your efforts to raise your vibration. You don’t have to cut ties but it would help to cleanse, clear and encapsulate your energy field when associating with them. Then, when the coast is clear, broaden your aura again and absorb what life has brought your way.

There are times when breaking ties with loved ones is necessary. It is painful and difficult. This is only necessary when you are not able to maintain your healthy and bright parallel track when in contact with them.

This incarnation is about you. You are the person that you are waiting for. You hold the keys, understand the language and have memorized the floor plan. It is not lonely, WE assure you. In fact you may find more social events and opportunities to learn from others of like-mind.

Have you found that special place yet? The one that is populated by those of like-mind? You will feel a sense of peace when you do. It may even be an online site or book club. There are people who are very near to where you are on their journey as well. Their energy is exciting and inspirational. You feed off of their accomplishments and realizations just as they are hungry for your story to inspire them as well.

Open your mind and allow yourself to follow your instincts. Allow God to lead you to places of learning and inspiration. It may seem like you have to suck it up for the initial contact. You may be uncomfortable for a short while but this will get better. Relax and be a part of it. Slowly open up and test to see if these people truly are similar to you. If not, that is ok. If so, enjoy!

You have so much more to do. Please don’t get caught up in someone’s journey that has no Divine connection to you. Be loving and supportive but make ample time to associate with other Light Workers.

The process of releasing false attachments is liberating in itself. Be grounded, cleansed and cleared. Brighten your Light so high that you have to squint if you are looking in a mirror. This is God’s Way. Remember that your life runs parallel to others. There is plenty of time to sprint ahead and still be there beside them at dinner, church, a movie, shopping…

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