The Sunny Side of the Street

Walk in the Light. Always walk where God has already brightened and blessed your way. Adventure is a wonderful thing as long as you are protected and in God’s hands.

Travel into dark or grey areas has no benefit for you. This is not about missionaries. There is a need for bringing God’s word to those who have not been informed yet. This caution is about the darker area of people’s’ minds and behavior.

There is no benefit to sampling lower energy venues or activities. Do not abuse alcohol or drugs. Living lucidly is best for following your chart. Be aware of everything around you and sample, evaluate and choose what fits into your current belief system.

It is ok to attend concerts, fairs and festivals as long as you resist altering your awareness and level of consciousness. Sometimes it is best to attend events in the daytime. Then, if the mood or activity changes after hours you are encouraged to leave and keep your experiences positive.

Clean and sober is what God has expected of you on this journey. It is ok to start making changes now. God would ask that you are alert and fully cognizant of every day life. Coping with meditation, spiritual healing and prayer is best. Abusing drugs or alcohol is not effective coping and little may be learned in this manner.

As we have said before, you stop maturing at the point that you began to abuse drugs and/or alcohol. Your emotional maturity may be that of a teenager. This is NOT God’s Way.

Some may use substances as a part of a spiritual journey. This is ok if you are practicing this type of religion. It is still important not to abuse substances when it is not a part of a rite or ceremony.

Grow strong and stable. Keep all of your wits about you always. If you have trouble coping then it is time for deeper prayer and meditation. You may also seek a healer if you do need outside help. Ask for angels to come to you and provide immediate relief. Then you have to do your part and release whatever upset or conflict they have removed from you.

Many may say that they prayed for help and received no relief. It is more likely that you received help but then chose to hang onto your upset as if you were not helped at all. We all have habits and fixed ways of thinking. We must allow the release of control to occur and resist taking back our worry, concern or upset. We all do this.

Letting go may feel helpless to us. We have the mentality that we must shoulder our worries and fix all of our problems. This is not so. If you pray for relief, you will receive it. You must stay out of your own way.

Scan your body and focus upon the distress areas. Some may hold upset in their shoulders or neck. Others in their lower back or head. Release any tension from these distressed areas and resist bringing it back. Relax your shoulders neck, back and head. Fill these areas with White Light and make it a priority to keep from tensing back up again. Release and allow. Your energy is intended to be fluid. You are the one who has erected the walls, blocks and barriers that keep you from true relief.

Stay in the Light. God has many experiences for you in positive and hopeful ways. Bring your loved ones to the Light as well. Remember that negative events have a purpose. You may look upon something as bad or a problem but it is merely one avenue to teach you the lessons you came here to learn. Truly, conflict may be part of the Light as well because you will learn to adjust and grow. Perspective is everything!

Enjoy and relish life. Resist substances and live life fully aware. Mood altering crutches were not in the plan that you had developed with God.

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