The Road to Ascension

1. Live not in judgment. You will cast negative thoughts toward another despite your belief that you are open-minded and objective. Spirit sees your foolhardy attempts to appear chaste and wishes that you accept a truly Divine consciousness toward yourself and others.

2. Give others gifts of material things and energy that you consider worthy of gifts you would receive for yourself. Others are not beneath you. They deserve fine things just as much as you. Hold others as equals and do not judge them as any less.

3. Know TRUE forgiveness. Do not offer false wishes or hooded support. Truly forgive. Release your human need to judge, compare and condemn. We each have our own journey and are accountable to God alone.

4. Quiet a busy mind. Many of you busy yourself with meaningless activity. See fit to search more deeply for the guidance needed for your spiritual life. Ignoring your life purpose will not lead you to the salvation that your soul desires.

5. Be accountable for your misdeeds. Allow for the acceptance of your mistakes to clear your path for living in truth and honesty. God will find you if your clear away the subterfuge. Allowing layers of untruths to accumulate will only delay your ascension.

6. Welcome the needy, weak, unwell and poor into your heart. You need not associate with them in order to give them your love and the benefit of your prosperity. Toiling beside these souls is a purpose for few in this life. Giving of your heart is acceptable. Do not allow any personal fear of the needy keep you from realizing your mission to help them.

7. Allow love to flow in and out. Life is fluid. Stagnant energy does not achieve any heights that you wish to reach. Allow yourself to feel, experience, contemplate and respond to every moment.

8. Pride is only acceptable when you have reached a spiritual goal which not only helps you but also benefits the world. This is a victorious state but not boastful.

9. Challenge yourself to make good and positive changes every day. The world is unable to evolve if no one makes any effort to improve.

10. Speak to your Savior daily. Let it not be told that you have shunned God in favor of ego or self-guided activities. There is purpose to every earth life. Wasting your time here would be shameful. We come to achieve, mature and evolve. Your success in this life will carry over to your next life, as it should.

My Love to You,
Ardant (Ar-dawn-t)

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