Lose Your Grip

Please relax and lose your grip. You are holding onto life as it is now and your Heavenly Hosts are unable to bring in more joy, love and happiness. Fear is an effective block to spirituality. The catch words we often use are release, allow, flow and faith. True faith does NOT occur in a vacuum. You must allow energy to flow in and flow out. This is the key to your alignment with the Universe.

Your death grip on the things that are not working in your life is what actually keeps them in your life. Your inner dialog has set this precedence. I am alone, I am in debt, I hate my job, I don’t find any joy in my day… This dialog has programmed the Universe to bring you aloneness, debt, a dead-end job and lack of joy. YOU are telling the Universe how to treat you and this isn’t going well.

Release your grip and ALLOW bright energy and faith to swell in your being. Breathe in the positive, hopeful energy and breathe out the stagnant, hopeless energy. You must make this a habit. You cannot do this just once and expect a dramatic shift in your life. Repeat this exercise throughout your day. Fill your home, office, vehicle… with brilliant White Light, always.

The good stuff can’t find a foothold in your life if you remain filled with negative, unhappy energy.

Envision your hand in a grip of fear. Perhaps it is grey, brown or even black in essence. It has no more flow than a rock. The tighter the grip, the less possibility of relief. Now envision your hand at rest. It may be floating on air, waving blissfully in an unseen breeze or simply still. The colors of this hand are green, blue, pink, and white. The flow of positive light and energy is clearly visible not only around the hand but through it as well. It may seem to sway through a pool of Heaven’s Light like a bath, lake or stream. The beautiful intense light is easily filling the space. Any muddy or stagnant energy is released and dissipates.

Envision this shift within your entire being and out as far as your aura goes. The stunning light of God fills your entire being as unwanted energy washes away. It is this simple. Perform this exercise as often as you like. It is impossible to grip anything with fear when you are full of God and the creative energy of the Universe.

Then what happens? You’ll likely turn around and begin to grip and become stagnant because it has been a long-held habit. It will take your focus and effort to change your habit to this one of flowing and Divine Light.

You cannot catch a bouquet, bundle of money or the keys to the corner office if your hands are in a white knuckle grip. How many beautiful and wonderful things have been missed because you are unable to allow, release and flow with positive energy?

Relax and allow God. Allow God what? Everything!

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