This Growing Season

What have you planted in your spiritual garden lately? Have you focused on sowing seeds of love and positive emotions? Is the weeding out of negative and judgmental thinking going well? Do you know that sowing seeds of good fortune and prosperity will continue blooming for as many years as you allow?

Uncertainty is what causes the weeds. You are uncertain that you deserve such good fortune. You question how well you perform in life and feel that you could be doing more for others. You have a hard time just being happy and allowing the good life to flow.

Why? Is it a product of underlying insecurities? Others may not know you well enough to make positive judgments about you? In actuality, you are too much of this and not enough of that? Your wrong!

Allow yourself to be who you are. There is no pressure for you to cure cancer unless your life path is to cure cancer. Whatever you do that makes you happy is what the Universe needs. Creativity, joy, love and happiness are wonderful things to fill the world with. Keep doing it and release your tendency to judge yourself so harshly.

Release and allow. Be good and do good. The more you flow with life the closer you align with your true purpose. Self-doubt, fear, anxiety, substances and abuse cloud the path that you are on.

It may be so much more simple than you are making it out to be. Look at your garden of who you are, what you say and what you do. Nurture the plants of goodness and hope. Weed out the darker more negative things. Simple.

Find your joy and expect it to be on your path. It is true that good health, healing, volunteerism, and charity are fantastic goals. Include them in there. Wake each day to be positive and loving. If you had a set back then try again right away. Make one day better than the day before. Make each year better than the year before. Make the next generation better than the one before.

Look at your family, loved ones and community. Are things getting better? Are you helping or have you caused some complications? That is ok. Shift your behavior back to positive and loving and start over.

How does that ‘garden of self’ look now? In a month? In a year? You may have trampled some things or inadvertently pulled some plants instead of weeds. That is fine. Do different and do better.

It is a spiritual garden because you may choose different plants and go in another direction. You adjust your garden as you mature and learn. The next list of plants will grow as well. Or, you will mix new plants with some of the original ones. This garden is very forgiving. That makes sense since God is also forgiving.

Is this a good time for a life review? Look back onto the ‘garden of self’ and see how much is good and loving. Did you find peace and forgiveness early in life or not yet? How many successes are planted there? When did you find God?

This is much like the inner child exercises. Is your childhood garden healthy and bountiful? Perhaps not, but is it more lush in your young adulthood? Perhaps it still isn’t prosperous and enriching but it is good to start now and make those positive changes.

Your ‘garden’ is a metaphor for your spiritual life. A proactive goal would be to make your garden so rich and lush that weeds and scrub have no place to set root. Acknowledge those plants of abuse and neglect and transplant them into the garden of forgiveness. Select the plants of dysfunction and conflict and relocate them to the garden of your higher self. Weed out the grudges and vengeance that you have sown. Allow them to dissolve in the garden of transmutation.

Look back upon your life. See things accurately and not as you wished they would have been. Where is more work needed to spread love and forgiveness? Focus on each relationship that needs to be healed and sow in seedlings of objectivity and perspective. You are grown and mature. You may choose to be loving and full of forgiveness. You are not required to repeat any negative patterns of behavior. It is your choosing to be different from who you have been in the past.

Positive changes are always possible. You must look beyond your rigid expectations of your behavior and the behavior of others. You may change your responses. Plants are open to relocation. They are not set in stone just like your behavior is not as well. Sow more smiles, more well wishes, more encouragement…

Make positive changes every day. What your garden looks like now may shift and blossom and be wondrous sooner than you may think! The single greatest change is forgiveness. Looking back may not be so pleasant but with forgiveness it may simply be a series of educating experiences which led to who you are today. It is God’s Will that you are perfect even as you grow and make changes. Life is fluid. Lose the rigid boundaries of past mistakes. Forgiveness is a gift for you and others as well.

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