The Book of You

There are many more steps to take. Do you want to be happy and well during this journey or are you willing to just make do?

Happiness comes from inside. It is imperative that you choose to BE happy. We speak often about perspective. This is the single most important step to take to really be happy and fulfilled. Once you have accepted that you are ONE with God there is no more sadness or worry.

Events happen in life. Your moods and outlook may shift and change. If you accept everything as a lesson, your need for intensity is gone. Step back and be objective. If at all possible try to view your life as something outside of you. From distance you realize the steps to take and decisions to make.

You will see your life as making more sense. “This has happened which is positive and I will respond this way.” “This has happened which is negative and I will learn, contemplate and make these changes.”

It is far healthier to allow life to happen and be grateful for the experience. Do good, be good and make the world a better place. Allow that God is the one true realty.

It is the book of YOU. There is a beginning, middle and end. There is character development, plot and revelations. The story may shift between positive or negative. There are protagonists and antagonists. It will culminate in the end of your life but there is more.

Have you made adjustments to the negative plot twists or do you become stressed and sullen? Has a major illness caused irreversible damage to your wellbeing? Has the death of a loved one been too painful to overcome? Is this how you want your book to read?

Begin today by writing a far more positive and proactive story. You, the main character, are wise, sensitive and flexible. You manage to take each life event and mold yourself into someone brighter and far more valiant. Your wisdom overshadows any adversity and you are capable of immense acts of forgiveness.

You greet each day with an open mind and a positive perspective. Challenges are to be overcome. You are not uncaring for an illness, job loss or bankruptcy of your loved ones but you know there is a purpose to the actions of life. People grow stronger if they endure more challenges. There are lessons to be learned about everything that life brings to you and others.

You are the hero of the book. You have found God and have chosen a higher path as well as a higher purpose. You have uncommon emotional strength and endurance. Your goal is to feel only love and inspiration. That sounds like you as God in human form. Be inspired to overcome debt. Be inspired to beat illness or disease. Be inspired to teach those around you. Be inspired to care for the elderly, disabled and those feeling less strength than you.

Inspiration covers any and all adversity. Be inspired to accept what you have in life but also be inspired to have better. Seek greater patience, understanding and stability. Be the rock that others need to lean on but also have the inner strength that you need to depend upon as well.

It is a beautiful story. You have written many such stories in the entirety of your eternal existence. Each life had different challenges to overcome. You left life early or you lived for nearly a century. You had wealth or poverty. You were a great leader or an exceptional follower. You had vast knowledge or you knew only of your own life and little else.

This is really you. All of your lifetimes and experiences are still contained within you. This life you charted some additional lessons or experiences that you haven’t had before or perhaps you didn’t handle so well in a different life. This is about specific life themes. You have love or wealth or good health or a fulfilling job or have overcome illness. In this life you may have achieved greater resolution in this one theme than you did previously. If not, then you still have more time to work on it or perhaps your next life you will chart this theme again and achieve greater success.

Some people believe that just surviving life is good enough. It isn’t. When you review your life after you have passed you will realize how much you left incomplete, undone or lacking altogether.

Choose a positive perspective and be objective. Rely upon your ability to forgive. Allow your release of any negative emotion or thinking. Worry and fear accomplich nothing. This is a chart. It is written. You have goals to accomplish and life themes to explore. Don’t just cross the finish line but rather achieve becoming your Higher Self.

Ascension and expansion are gifts in and of themselves. Enjoy!

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