Macabre, Menace and Mischief


My daughter has been going through some GI disturbances. After she eats she gets an upset stomach and sometimes she has to rush to the bathroom.

She follows someone famous on Twitter and they are focused on “lucid dreaming.” This person goes through preparations before bedtime and keeps a notebook by his bedside to record impressions. So for the past few weeks she has been doing the same.

She came to me the other day with her notepad. She dreamed of a “church-like” building with a yellow orb on the flagpole above it. She also saw a “swastika-type” thing. She showed me the drawings and I said, “yellow represents your third chakra that has everything to with digestion issues, the church is God trying to help you with your digestion and the swastika thing is your third chakra.” The solar plexus or third chakra has 10 petals that are supposed to look like an open flower and it rotates clockwise. Her third chakra is obviously blocked and unhealthy so it looks unpleasant and stagnant.

Many people want to be afraid or traumatized by contact with spirit. Why do things have to be so scary? I have had many people tell me about dreams and “naturally” assuming they represent the worst. I explain what I know about what spirit has tried to convey via the dream and people still want to be afraid and in shock. They will disregard my input in favor of upset and vulnerability.

Then there are many others who have received visits from spirit and again assume they are in dire straits and obviously due for some dramatic hardship. No, it was your grandmother. In fact, you may have been visited by angels or Jesus and somehow you’ve misinterpreted what actually occurred in favor of being despondent with fear.

As with any visit or message from spirit, rely upon your first impression. What did you feel like the exact moment that you saw this figure or heard a disembodied voice. Was it calming and soothing? Did you feel completely nurtured and safe? Did the interaction remind you of your grandmother, sister or favorite uncle? Attempt to keep true to the original message. I have known people who have a valid first impression then blown the whole thing out of proportion. “Yes, it smelled like the perfume my grandmother used to wear and I felt loved and comforted. But now, I’m certain it was a demon trying to take over my soul by presenting itself as my grandmother.” No! It really was your grandmother.

Attempt to remember birthdays and anniversaries. They also come back for a death, birth, wedding or many other family gatherings. Is it Thanksgiving or the holidays in December? Then it is likely someone you love letting you know they are near.

A great way to keep negative energy away is to practice the many protection exercises that we have gone over or that you may find on the internet or in metaphysical books and other publications. If you are strongly protected by White Light, angels, spirit guides and animal guides you may be confident that your visitor is someone capable of passing through all of your protective layers.

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