The Lock Outside of Yourself

Have you found the locks yet? What if the answer to all of your life lessons were outside of yourself? We spend so much time looking inward but that may not be where your spiritual relief lies.

Why would your answers be somewhere outside of you? Maybe we are far too complicated and tied into knots for them to be on our inside. Think of your life as a chart (since it is). The emotional keys are above you to the left. The physical health keys are below your median slightly lower than your feet. The spiritual keys are just beyond the fingertips of your outstretched left arm. The mental knowledge keys are above your apex. Many keys are at differing locations just outside of your reach.

Why would God do things this way? Because many answers are found outside of your being. They are unencumbered with your ego, fear, anger or distress. Your limitations cannot bury them or pound them into dust. You are not able to cloud them over and mislead yourself away.

It is difficult to remain grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared. Meditation is difficult to master and it takes time to improve. AND… ego is relentless. We lie to ourselves much of the time. We may believe that we hear the voice of God, spirit or Jesus but it is likely our own ego voice being mean and manipulative. It takes a lot of time to clear the connection to the Divine. So some of our lessons being on the outside makes them accessible whether we have a true connection to God or not.

Many of the keys to a healthy, spiritual life may be found both inside and out. To gather speed in your ascension it is productive to look outside of yourself. Looking too much or too far inward makes you self-absorbed and blinded to faith. A good perspective on this life requires you to balance both worlds.

Be healthy and whole. Find time to seek answers to your purpose in life. Be grounded in faith and open-minded to the world around you. All of your answers will not be found within. You may reach conclusions or receive some guidance but it is just as important to act upon your faith in the real world. You may meditate for hours and still not have all of the keys. Some of them are purposely outside of your being. It is a dance of both realities. Receive guidance and act upon them. Find inspiration and carry it out. You will not find your complete purpose without the interaction of self and the world.

Once you have aligned all of your inner turmoil and sought a higher thinking you must look into the world for more. If you are content and centered, your inner work may be done for now. What then? Act upon your faith and draw more of God’s life experience to you.

Some of you may doubt your inner work will ever be finished but it is possible to reach a plateau. God would not force you to work without some peace and solace. Maybe it has been too long since you gave yourself a break. Have you been under the assumption that you must work for your spiritual perfection without any relief? Good! It doesn’t require your constant attention. In fact, the release of any intent or purpose may actually bring inspiration, answers and greater perspective.

Relax and pray. Ask for guidance and direction. Not only say you are open to God’s word but actually be open. Many of you are too much in your head. You will speak about your availability to God but you actually are not. You speak the words but keep your eyes and ears battened down and full of fear. This is something to practise. Pray to God and speak about your openness and then actually be open. Remind yourself throughout your day and restate this to yourself and follow through. You will be amazed at how quickly your life will come streaming to you. There is great synchronicity in life if you ALLOW it.

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