10 Steps to Feeling Better

1. Release your fear/need for money.
Your need for money has already been charted. You will not suffer poverty unless you have chosen to experience it in this life. You do need to work and be smart about your finances but a gut wrenching fear is NOT called for.

2. Release your need for “something to happen” in order for you to be happy.
Be happy with your life as it is. Hope for better and work to improve. Give thanks for what you have and prosperity will find you because of your positive thinking. It is the Law of Attraction!

3. Allow God to divine your path.
Pray, meditate and be still in the knowledge that God knows your path and will walk beside you as He has agreed. So many answers are available to you just by having faith.

4. Stop carrying the weight of the people around you.
Allow family and friends to be responsible for their own path. Help if it is called for but draw the line when you have become overly involved. They must do their own work in order to complete their chart.

6. “Woulds” and “shoulds” don’t matter. What you actually do does matter.
Action is what speaks louder than thoughts or words. Be good, do good, help others and make the next generation better than your own. Building a better world does not happen in just your inner dialog.

7. Allow God to make perfect sense. You have misconstrued His teachings somewhere along the way.
Relax, release and allow. Resist carrying inspiration killing tension. Do not bend His word to fit your already dysfunctional energy pattern. Adjust to His word instead. Resist statements “But this..” or “But that…” God’s Word is perfect already.

8. Ask for love from Heaven and Earth.
You are a divine being who has chosen this earth as your temporary home and learning environment. You are adorned with God’s Love and Earth’s as well. You are the perfect connection between them. You came here knowing that Mother Earth would love you and support you and there is an honor to pay Her for your existence.

9. List your blocks and barriers and release them.
Try to be honest and thought-provoking. Use your relaxation and connection to God and spirit to accurately discover what your list includes. Your grip upon these unhealthy thought patterns is a deeply entrenched habit that will take time and perseverance to break. Persistence will pay off.

10. Meditate as if you are held by God and nurtured by angels.
Envision the gift of life flowing from God. You are here for a purpose and you have many beings of Light to support you. You ARE perfect and you are His child. Keep the positive energy around you and accept all the blessings that the Universe has to give you. Rest assured, in that private place, that your success is in a golden, white shower of God’s true love. You shine as intensely as your angels, guides and departed loved ones.

Your life is perfect if you allow it to be.

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