Don’t Give Up Yet

You have made excellent progress toward meeting your spirit guides. Don’t give up. Keep practicing. It will take some time to gain a complete impression of who your guides are.

Begin with gender. Try your skills at feeling a light, floaty feeling for “yes” and a downward, clunky feeling for “no.” Take your first impression. After you are reasonable sure of their gender, try to discover their adorned color. Start with the chakra colors. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Other common colors would be white, gold or silver. Explore each color and get your first impression for a “yes” or “no” response.

The chakra color is important because it may yield what area of focus your guide has and what personality traits you may have.

Red is courageous, confident and strong-willed.
Orange is enthusiastic, happy and sociable.
Yellow is good-humored, optimistic and confident.
Green is industrial, adaptable and humble.
Blue is loyal, tactful and affectionate.
Indigo is intuitive, idealistic and fearless.
Violet is humanitarian, kindly and just.

There are a vast number of sites which will give information on chakra colors and their qualities. It is good to find one that seems to resonate with you the most. Your impressions may change over time and your site preferences will change as well. Keep an open mind and accept what information seems to blend with your current beliefs.

It may seem tedious to run through many possibilities in order to find what you believe are positive responses. You may want to get a psychic reading, tarot card reading or other intuitive type of reading to narrow down who your guides are and what they are intended to bring to your life. Once you have the information, connecting with them will be much easier.

Another reason that you be quick to give up is your fear of connecting with spirit. Many people are afraid of ghosts. It is likely a fear of the unknown or horror stories about unpleasant experiences with the paranormal. Your spirit guides are neither scary or demonic.

You may have had a perfectly normal and positive connection with one or more of your guides but then your fear may have pulled the truth out of perspective. Or, you spoke to someone about your attempts to contact your guide and they assaulted you with thoughts of the Anti-Christ, demons, witchcraft or tomfoolery.

I know so-and-so and after she visited a psychic… Or, your uncle… believed in life after death and … Or, they are trying to connect you with evil forces…

Spirit has a very real place in your belief system. Jesus was a seer. He was also a Prophet. This is exactly what it means to be able to speak with spirit and see future events.

It is only evil if you allow it to be. That is why We always ask you to say a prayer for protection and use any visualization of protection that you feel comfortable with. Ghosts will prey upon your emotions. They will cause you to fear. You don’t want to communicate with ghosts or other lower energy beings.

When done properly, your spirit guides will provide direction and guidance that is comforting and reassuring. We will allow you to connect with your guides who only come from God. We will direct you to protect yourself from any other energy.

Fear has no place in your relationship with your spirit guides. Through careful attempts to communicate, you will begin to recognize how your guides “feel.” You have a main guide and possibly many others. They will each have a different presence when communicating with you. They know you better than you know yourself and they have committed to helping you navigate this life. They are your dearest family and friends, though not literally.

Please keep trying. Always protect yourself before, during and after your attempts to communicate with spirit. It is possible that you are not ready for this step in your spiritual journey and that is ok as well. We will be here beside you anyway. It is our passion to be your guide, benefactor, philosopher and helper. It is our joy to know you and be a part of your life.

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