Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Spirit is quite eager to keep lines of communication open. Many of you had exceptional results when attempting to contact your spirit guide. It may have been a little unsettling because you did so well that spirit was able to respond dramatically. Like the ringing of your doorbell!

Spirit is happy to be acknowledged by you. They are deeply in love with you and only hope to bring you prosperity and Light. They have many wishes for your life and emotional healing. They are listed as follows:

1. Heal all emotional pain from past events, losses and misunderstandings. Place experiences in perspective and acknowledge the learning that had occurred.

2. Accept that you are a Child Of God and resolve that this life is a teaching tool.

3. Find joy, love and happiness in “each” day and not just the days without conflict, anger, loss or illness.

4. Find joy in developing close, personal relationships with family and friends.

5. Be accustomed to sending your talents and personal power out into the world.

6. Find comfort in your relationship with God, spirit and all other Heavenly Hosts.

7. Keep a written account of your success over past concerns, mistakes and missteps so you may readily see your progress throughout the days and years of your life. You have come a long way and deserve to be acknowledged for your effort.

8. Release any anger or resentment soon after conflict. You have more to learn from introspection and forgiveness.

9. Master the completion of all subject lines in your chart.

10. Give more to the world than what you keep for yourself.

It is good to keep connecting with spirit daily. The more in tune you are, the more impact spirit may have on your daily life. You will feel blessed and matters in life will fall together easily.

You may have only gotten impressions. Think about what you have sensed. Did you get a male or female feeling, a pronounced color, a wise & elderly or young & exuberant sense, or a feeling of an old friend or respected professor? Keep track of your impressions . The next time you reconnect with them double-check your initial impressions to either validate them or make adjustments.

It may feel like the same “person” again but it also may feel like someone new. This may be more than one guide or possibly an old friend or family member. By remaining grounded, centered, cleansed and clear you may improve your connection with them. Envision sitting across from your guide. Connect a cord from your God Center to theirs and allow information to flow to you. Remain calm. Any excitedness will likely cause you to lose your connection. Stay in this position until you feel you have benefitted from their guidance and wisdom. Thank them for their time and their devotion to you. Disconnect the cord.

It is possible to keep in contact with them by speaking to them throughout your day. You don’t have to speak out loud because they will “hear” your thoughts addressed to them.

Guidance is possible throughout the day by you and your guide agreeing on a positive or “yes” answer and a negative or “no” one. You may focus on your heart, third eye, God Center, or any other area of your body where you may tune in to spirit for responses. “Yes” is likely upbeat, lightweight and floaty. “No” is dull, thick or downward feeling. Practice your perception of the responses by asking questions that you already know the answer. Get used to the positive and negative responses. Your answer may also be unknown which may be neither bouncy & light or dull & clunky. You may get this response if spirit truly does not know or if you are not able to know the answer yet.

You will NOT be given all answers. You still have to navigate your life and learn from your experience. You may also be denied access to private information about other people.

After you have gotten better at perceiving your responses you may want to try a pendulum, divining rods, Tarot cards, tea leaves, or any other divination tools. This may be easier for you, just about the same or more difficult. The intent of these tools is to fine tune your skill at communicating with spirit.

Always remember your protection. Any contact with spirit may leave you vulnerable to ghosts or other unwanted spirit attention. Use your protective practices before and after contact and all throughout your day.

Keep trying. Your connection with guides will help you navigate your chart and remain closely aligned with God. Spiritual accomplishments will bring grace & Divine love.

“Let us continue to walk hand in hand,”
Your Guides, Collectively

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