What Does Spirit Sound Like?

We piqued some interest yesterday with mentioning messages from spirit. We will provide further information. Any specific information requested you may email our channel, Lisa, at lisa.lwoc@gmail.com. She will detail your guide’s appearance, name and gender. There will be also specific colors and items that you may use to contact them during your times of prayer and/or meditation. What We will offer here is general information.

Spirit will speak to you in your ear or in your mind. They are matter-of-fact, monotone and minimally verbal. They may not even use complete sentences. You may hear their statement just once or possibly they may repeat their statement depending upon them or the lack of response from you.

You must practice meditating. This is how you will establish communicating with them so that you may continue to hear them in everyday normal life. There are many exercises to meet your guide. This is a popular topic on many metaphysical websites. Perform any exercise that resonates with you. During meditation ask to meet them and remain calm. Continue to deep breathe and meditate even though your excitement at meeting your guide may cause you to waver.

Do not hold any undue pressure on yourself to get everything right the first few times. Relax. Any stress will alter your perception and ghosts will be drawn to your excitement. Clear your third eye chakra and both of your ear chakras. Your third eye will be violet and your ears will be bright blue. Do your best to keep the energy in your chakras crystal clear and fluid. Fear of seeing and hearing spirit may cause you to batten down the hatches again.

Maintain a moderate level of meditation. Meet with them face to face. Always accept your first impression. The more you over think anything, the less accurate it becomes. First try to identify a gender. They usually have assigned themselves a gender but you may find more androgynous guides as well. Then envision their adorned color. They may keep it simple for you at first and stick to simple colors without any variation. Their actual appearance will include many variations in hue and a few combinations of different colors. Their adorned color represents their areas of focus, their special skill set or any special accomplishments.

So now you may have a gender and a main color. This is a good start. Hearing them will take much more focus and practice.

Once you have been minimally successful at meditating and meeting guides, your loved ones will likely show up. You will also get some animal visitors. Remember that these people and animals may not be from this current incarnation. Often you have loved ones that watch over you from one or many lifetimes ago. Animals will display their loyalty as well by staying beside you through many incarnations.

What you may also get will be Higher Guides, Angels, elementals, Jesus, God… Many of your guides are Native American in appearance. It does not matter if you are Native in any way but they may be with you from many years or centuries ago.

Their skin is flawless, like airbrushed photos. They have varying skin tones but many are medium dark. Hair will appear in any length or color. Many guides have long, uncut hair such as no bangs. There may be braids, jewels, ribbons… Their eyes are stunning and almost like kaleidoscopes. They are not stagnant but fluid and free-flowing. The colors may blend and shift. As with robes, the color of their eyes also represent their areas of interest, special skill sets or accomplishments. Gold and white represent God so a guide with pronounced gold/white tones may represent a Higher Guide.

This is a good start. The more you practice, the better your ability to contact spirit. Remember that they communicate without emotion. If you become fearful at any message, it may be a ghost speaking to you and not a spirit guide. It is also possible that you have created an emotional response to a message that was void of emotions.

Also remember that just because your loved ones are in spirit does not assure you that they are evolved or providing good advice. They may have changed very little since their death and may still harbor anger, prejudice, intent to control you and emotional limitations that they had in life.

Always protect yourself from lower energies during prayer and meditation. It is a good habit to keep up your protection throughout your day. You may notice that you feel less drained by life stressors and other people.

Spirit is committed to helping you establish communication with them. They will gladly meet you more than halfway. A close relationship with your guides will help you to feel safe and secure. Faith will come more easily and you will notice the synchronicity of life. Everything fits together and makes perfect sense.

“We come to meet you at the door between us. Do not fear what We have to say. We will never hurt you. We only want to guide you. This is as it was written. Accept Our love.”

Maureen, The Advocate

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