What do We call progress? Spiritual advancement, growth and enlightenment.

You are not here to chase the dollar or be super skinny and model-like beautiful. Sometimes spiritual achievement gets lost in all of your daily wishes and desires.

It is good to do what you love to earn money but money is not the goal. Earn enough to have a positive, healthy existence then venture forward into more spiritual matters. It is like setting aside your everyday pursuits to be mindful, grounded and open to God. Prayer and meditation could be done 2 or 3 times a day.

Some people love to connect with God and spirit first thing in the morning or at bedtime. Please consider both of these times and at one other point in your day.

A good time would be during a natural or planned break. Perhaps after you’ve eaten lunch and before you must resume work. Or, just before dinner. Try to stick with a routine. Regular prayer and meditation balanced throughout your day will help to keep stress to a minimum. Don’t skip these mindful times because that is exactly when stress will accumulate and your physical and emotional defenses will be compromised.

Keeping in touch with God and spirit will also help to keep you up to date on your chart and goals. If you meditate only on Sunday, so much advise and redirection will have already passed you by. Daily updates are optimal.

You’ll also find that spirit will be able to contact you more easily. So many of your ego defenses will be minimized by daily mindfulness. It is likened to exercise. If you exercise every other day you’ll be in better shape than if you exercise every five days. You’ll experience more inflexibility and fatigue by waiting too long between activity.

Protection exercises must also be done prior to each time of meditation. You are opening up your mind, body and spirit to outside energy. You want to commune with God, guides and departed loved ones not ghosts. There are many different ones to choose from. Perhaps a wall of outward facing mirrors, a protective vortex of healing and loving light, outward facing animal guides stationed in four directions, a cocoon of angel wings or envisioning intense White Light in an egg, net or robe. Scatter and diffuse all grey or dark areas and refill with this light. Ask your guides to deny all ghosts or lower energies during your time of prayer or meditation. Give permission for them to act on your behalf. You will want to keep up this protection throughout your day.

Ghosts are meddling, drama filled attention seekers. If you hear anything that is overly emotional or scary, it is not spirit. Your true guides will give you information matter-of-factly. Nothing emotional. They tell it like it is and will not intentionally scare you. You may hear something from spirit but then you add your own fear, drama or emotion. This happens very often. Just do your best to remember the feeling you had when you were given the message not the hype that you may have created.

One example may be when spirit lets you know to check your tires. It was mentioned very low-key and emotionless. You allow yourself to become shaken up. You then start to believe that you’re headed for an accident, your tire will blow at 65 miles an hour, you’ll total you car! No! Stop yourself from spiraling this out of control. It may be a slow leak. Maybe you’ll pull up too far into a parking space. Maybe it is your friend’s tire and she lets you know she got a flat on her way home from work. Stay grounded and resist drama. Spirit did not apply any of your emotion to the message they gave to you.

Remain focused upon your connection with God. Resist the urge to wander into materialistic and ego-based directions. Remember what your life goals likely are. A daily connection to God and spirit will work best to realign or keep you aligned with your life chart. Do not open yourself to ghosts! Remaining in the Light and routinely flushing out any grey or dark energy will help. Bright colors are best. Envision your energy as crystal clear and fluid. Spend time cleansing and clearing chakras. Imagine that you glow with light and positive energy.

“Come to Me every day and allow Me to know you well. We have many more roads to travel and it would be best to start very soon. I am in the stillness of your mind and soul. We will connect in this arena and good things will come of it. Know and love Me as well as I know and love you. Amen.” God

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