The Ladder of Emotional Evolution

As you age you climb the spirituality ladder. Finding comfort and understanding becomes easier. More seldom, you may find increased difficulty finding reason for what life has brought to you. You may keep a running total of heartache and pain. Rather than finding forgiveness you find anger, isolation and lack of reason.

This is possible if you have not found a way to process many life long episodes of grief, loss, illness, inequality, conflict, poverty, wounds to your ego and dissatisfaction with life. Rather than accepting these issues as life experience and opportunities to learn, you feel punished. You hold grudges against the Universe.

This habit of “keeping score” minimizes your Divine existence and definitely holds you back from your intended success and accomplishments. If you have not fallen prey to this ego trap then surely you must know some people who have. This mindset is a waste of time and energy. There is nothing to be gained by insisting that God and others be accountable to you for some stressful times. Holding onto this thinking severely holds you back from your own self-actualization. You have become stuck. The point when you refused understanding and forgiveness is also the same point at which you stopped evolving.

Others in your life may be saddened by your stubbornness. Your loved ones may have prompted to you to release your concrete thinking. They may feel like you are stuck in the past or missing out on everyday happiness and potential. The causes of your blockade have become more important to you than fulfilling all other goals of this life. Are they that important? What has been so devastating that you were not able to accept it? Is your hold on them healthy or productive? No. Certainly not.

Many painful things happen in each life. You may be orphaned, be abused or neglected, suffer from a disability, have been divorced, lost a child, killed another due to negligence, been diagnosed with cancer, gone bankrupt… All of these circumstances were intended to teach you something. God would never give you more than you can handle because you can handle all of it. That is the way it was written.

What if there have been repeated instances of stressors? Some people have been diagnosed and treated for cancer. They gain remission or are “cancer free.” Then, they are again diagnosed with the same type of cancer or perhaps a different type. Another example is someone who loses more than one child. They may have one or more miscarriages or a still-birth or even a loss of a healthy child due to an accident. Just the thought of these ongoing problems makes us feel so much sympathy for them. Why would God do this to anyone? Because it is intended to teach us, and them, something.

The person who is repeatedly dealing with cancer and the person who has lost more than one child has written this. Their intent is to somehow still find God, love, forgiveness and inspiration despite their circumstances. Your lessons may be to look upon them as role models, place your own life stress into perspective, value your own good health and children, donate money and time to find the cure for cancer or birth defects, or be inspired to work with children or cancer patients/survivors. There are many “silver linings” to each of your life circumstances. You must find that faith in God and know that your lives have purpose. You teach AND learn. Your spiritual strength comes from completing these goals for yourselves and others.

You are much stronger than you realize. Many people don’t recognize their own ability to cope. Your internal dialog would benefit from a self-empowering boost. Play a loop of assurances in your mind instead of doubt and lack. Be open to all possibilities. You may not know yet what your lesson was but it will become known to you if you keep an open mind. Make statements like “I accept this situation and the lessons intended.” “I trust in God to make His plan known to me.” “I maintain my emotional strength so I may learn from this.” “My trust in God allows me to teach and to learn.” These statements are much more healthy than fear, anger, doubt, insecurity, defensiveness or spite.

Climbing the emotional ladder is a metaphor for your self-actualization, ascension, expansion and higher vibration. You will benefit from your positive attitude and perspective. Faith will become necessary to successfully navigate this life. There are many doors that are intended to be opened. You often do not realize how much you have left undone by not seeking greater understanding. You may not realize that there is always so much more to be learned from any lesson. Perhaps you have never looked for any depth or unexpected outcomes from any of your experiences. This is a good time to start.

Remain grounded, centered and open to God and spirit. Don’t intentionally shut down any greater learning that can be won. The knowledge and learning that you may gather is never-ending. As you age the experiences of your youth may also gain expansion and clarity. Seek knowledge and resist prejudice against emotional pain. To resist feeling pain will leave much of life unlived.

Your learning moments will vary in intellect, impact, clarity, sensitivity and frequency. It is never more than you can handle. If you feel at any time life seems too much to accept pray for God, Jesus, angels, guides and departed loved ones to be close. You are not alone and each of your Heavenly Hosts have pledged their assistance to you. With their help, your strength and endurance will rebound and your ability to grow and learn will improve as well.

There are many ways to “release” your past upset and losses. Search the internet and see if anything resonates with you. The examples may be a symbolic release or an actual physical/emotional release. Journaling will help. We have done some inner child work in the past which may also be helpful at this time. This requires you to envision yourself as a child or at any age when something traumatic derailed your progress. Speak to yourself as a good, nurturing, proactive parent and allow the inner child to release emotional damage that had occurred. Then continue to parent the inner child through all times of trauma, stress, upset and worry until the whole “you” is able to rejoin with your current chart.

We will discuss this further.

Know that with God’s Love and the power of the Universe you will weather all things. Maturity and spiritual growth will speed your ascension up the ladder. Even one or two rungs more and you will see and feel the spiritual freedom that you have earned.

Go now and release all of your useless emotional injuries. It is with faith and forgiveness that we all find solace. No pain is greater than God’s love for you.

Maureen, The Advocate

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