Losing Your Centrally Focused, Grounded State

Ego is the defeat of many spiritually based efforts and teaching. You have followed advice and direction. You have noticed an increase in what you sense as personal power. Difficulties smooth out, attitudes improve and self-satisfaction bring days that flow with optimism and faith.

Then, as ego goes, you feel as if YOU are the center of the Universe and these beautiful, carefree days are your own doing. God is the true center. You have released some barriers to faith and God has been able to work through you.

As you realign with control and ego needs, life again becomes harsh and complicated. YOU took back control. You have this false impression that you are necessary for God to fill this world with love. God is the one constant. You are secondary only if you are a good conduit for His Will.

Resist the urge to return to ego based thinking. During prayer, meditation and expressions of faith, keep God as the origin of all miracles, blessings and love.

You are Light Workers and part of Source energy. This energy is God. We come from God and will return to God in the end. Ego has no place in this existence.

This is the struggle that may take years to settle. It is constant for humans to feel responsible for all things they have or do. This mindset will be defeated if you redirect your thinking each day. Your self talk is important to change your tendency to revert back to ego. Repeat to yourself that all blessings flow from God and you are honored to do God’s work each day.

Releasing your ego will also allow more of your desires to be met. Manifesting will become very easy. God wants you to have all of your desires. If you maintain your clarity and release all negative energy, your desires will be fulfilled unless it is contrary to your own chart. All things will “flow” to you.

Keep your ego in check. Accept your place in the universe. All that is loving and spiritual comes from God.

Perform a daily grounding exercise. There are many to choose from and you will be certain to find one that resonates with you. As you improve your feelings of being grounded, your clarity and emotional stability will also strengthen. You will respond to life with unmistakable reason. Your emotions will be stable. Life will “make sense.”

With this strength any upset or diversion will not rattle you. Your flexibility will shine. The Power of God will flow through you and magic will happen. Every day will feel charmed.

Become accustomed to being grounded and centered and you will notice when ego or fear seeps in. Then make some small corrections and be back in alignment again. This is a habit. It will take time to adjust and become more consistent. Then when you have mastered the art of Universal Alignment life will flow and feel complete.

Love, prosperity, faith and healing will be your new norm. Your strength comes from God and you deliver it back to Him as well.

With Love and Much-Needed Perspective,
Maureen, The Advocate

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