What Has Happened Before…

Going along with our discussion, We wish for you to know that your perspective about any topic may change at different points in time. You may be steadfast against a subject but with time or experience you may relax your view.

Some examples are listed. You may be an advocate for US involvement in areas around the world including war between other countries or war on terror. Then, your grandson is killed in combat and you begin to question your previous beliefs. Was his life worth the cost? Did he have to die for beliefs and power struggles in some other nation? Or, you are against gay marriage but your sister informs you that she is gay and intends to marry her partner. Your love for her softens your steadfast opposition. Or, you are against “affordable health care” until a dear friend is unable to afford her cancer fighting medications. You stand by as she helplessly battles this disease and you experience a change in your stance about healthcare.

Your perspective may shift many times about many differing topics. Hopefully you become more altruistic and loving. Battles will need less energy and flexibility overrules emotions. Finding God will bring moderation to your life. Dogma has no place in your vocabulary. Each important issue may be addressed without threats, anger or potential violence.

What would God do to challenge any unfairness? There is only acceptance and forgiveness. Discussions may be had to shift the views of others. Perhaps some legal action or non-violent demonstration. Possibly prayer groups or social networking. God would not react in anger or violence.

Passion about events, topics or conflict is not a bad thing but your expression of this anger must be tempered with moderation, love and flexibility.

Oddly enough when you age you may also lose your ability to regulate your strong emotions. Anger, rage, threats of action may come more quickly to your mind. Your thinking loses its moderation despite what you have learned or experienced. This arrises from biological changes in your brain. We understand this. We always will take this into consideration when evaluating your life lessons.

Continue your communion with God. Where you once found anger, instead find tolerance. When you once felt impatience, find compassion. Developing your spirituality is so much easier than what most people imagine. You don’t have to attend organized worship services, memorize verses or surrender a portion of your income. These things are fine if they resonate with you but they are not required. We only ask that you are good and do good. Never intentionally harm anyone or any thing. Make each day better than the ones before and make the next generation better than your own.

Dogma is not spirituality. God’s love is never that rigid.

It is a good idea to set some goals for releasing stress and removing barriers. Many of these outcomes may be reached by practising meditation and relaxation. Self-discovery will blossom if you are able to recognize stress responses in yourself and then take steps to release it.

Anger or upset may be a healthy response as long as you resist causing any damage to anyone or any thing. Being in tune with your God Center will take time. We don’t expect overnight results but We would like you to be mindful of your emotional state throughout your day. The goals you set will be to release anger in a shorter amount of time than usual. Forgive others for their mistakes. Use your frustration to make positive changes. See good attributes in anyone who you interact with. These are just a few examples. You will find your goals as you know yourself and what you consider to be your weaknesses.

Journaling will also help. You may document your improvements in attitude, stress level, anger toward others… and progress with releasing this tension sooner. Journaling is a form of improving your inner dialog and giving yourself credit for positive changes that you have made. It is possible that loved ones or close friends may notice your improved mood and perspective but you will understand your own changes right away.

There will be no need for anyone to acknowledge your achievements. You will be your own best support. This goal requires a substantial release of your ego needs but it is entirely possible to exist requiring only your own strength and courage. Envision no longer being at the mercy of anyones compliments or acknowledgment. Great scholars and philosophers are content in their own “knowing.” You may achieve this as well. You seek stable moods and emotions. Upset will shed away and you will show great compassion and acceptance. This is God’s plan for you. Each incarnation is designed to bring you closer to this state of self-actualization.

Your faith already exists. You have had many opportunities to grow, change and create who you are now. This is your life purpose. You have had many experiences of prosperity and tragedy. What has happened before will happen again. It is yours to find that Divine being that you are and make positive changes for you, your loved ones, all humankind and Mother Earth.

It makes more sense now and that is good. I devote my body and my time to your ascension. We will make these advances together.

Maureen, The Advocate

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