Making Up For Lost Time

We know that many of you are seeking the fast track for spirituality. This is not entirely possible. As we have said before you must go from A to Z including the many steps and lessons in between. To attempt missing all of those steps is actually missing the much-needed information and emotional processing required to fully understand each belief or truth.

There are many differing emotions that are required for faith, belief, forgiveness, strength, optimism… This may be understood by referencing the more often familiar stages of grieving. These stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. It is expected that people may progress through these stages at different intervals and may even slip back to previous stages. No one adheres to a specific healing process. The same will be said of these other “truths” or “beliefs.”

The acceptance of faith requires many more steps than to understand the need for faith then automatically experiencing a steadfast faith. This is not logical nor is it recommended. Your spiritual beliefs must be considered, tested, reconsidered and retested many times before accepting some level of belief. Your early completion of this process will actually leave you hollow. You may have faith but it will lack any depth or volume.

You will also have differing levels of belief as you navigate different life stages. Maturity is required to have true depth in your beliefs. Why? Because you have arrived at belief through many tests, adjustments and evaluations. It is possible to have depth of your beliefs in your youth or young adulthood but this would require advanced “knowing” on your part. You may be an “old soul.” You may still have many lifetimes of learning mentally accessible to you. We are all “old souls” but some of us have not blocked our previous learning and experience. To be this advanced requires a deep level of faith and belief. You have not decided to question what is “known” to you. You have access to this higher level of learning and you have chosen to make use of it.

For now, We want you to release some of your negative thinking, emotional barriers and fear. Finding a relaxing state will ultimately help when searching and developing your faith. Being able to set aside any stress or worry will deepen your connection to Us, God and spirit. We are not expecting “blind” faith. We are expecting an intent to review your current spiritual beliefs, test them, be open to new information and finding faith in God despite some emotional barriers.

In this order you will be able to form your belief system over time. There are no quick fixes unless you are prepared to accept that everything in life is charted and a part of God’s Will. Even the bad stuff. There are reasons and outcomes expected from enduring difficult things. This is God’s Will but you are not alone. And, you are not without advice, guidance and direction.

1. The first step is to stop believing that you are alone. You have many guides, angels, loved ones and God with you.
2. Then accept that you are not in control. It is your belief that you are the creator and director of your life which makes God powerless. You must release your white-knuckle grip so that God may guide you through your intended life.
3. “Allow” life to flow. Your grasp and assertion of strength will actually alter what is intended. You may fulfill your many years but leave many more lessons unlearned.
4. Trust that each experience is brought to you for a purpose.
5. Resist the urge to retake control.
6. Find a place of solace, usually through meditation, in which God may communicate with you directly.
7. Release the stress and worry from your entire being. Recognize when you are experiencing increased muscle tension again and reverse it.
8. Be open to life lessons. Do not to allow your emotion to cloud this process. Do not speak to yourself about vengeance, anger, sorrow, or unfairness. Finding the intent of each experience requires an open mind.
9. Speak to God out loud, through prayer, during meditation, in writing…
10. Give thanks. Express appreciation for everything that you have in life. Use special attention with any negative or stressful experience. It is all included to bring you great knowledge, faith and understanding.

Trust in Us. We will guide you to greatness. We are One with God and love you as We love ourselves. Break down the barriers between Us and you will discover that We are One and the same. It is simply Our turn to help you.

Go with God. Allow Him the honor of bringing you salvation.
Maureen, The Advocate

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