Past, Present and Future

The timeline of each life may be confusing if we look at it in metaphysical terms. Many of your lives are co-occuring at any given moment. You have a set number of experiences scheduled into your life. It may set you off for a bit if you skip some or require others to be repeated. It is truly complicated but it runs smoothly enough for US to be able to help you as you proceed.

Some topics are co-occuring, as we have said. They are usually basic premises such as trust, faith, reliability, maintaining health, being parented/parenting, self-fulfillment, happiness and other such concepts. You have many experiences tied into each topic. It is possible to be trusting at times and mistrusting at other times. Or, to trust some situations or people and not trust others.

Maturity has everything to do with the repetitive cycle of topics to be tested. Once you have found faith it is possible to express it and be steadfast in faith for many years. Then, there may be a more significant or profound experience that will test your faith yet again despite your age or level of maturity.

Your goal is to have faith, trust, wellness, happiness… despite any stressors or event. This is making very good sense to you now. There may be acute stressors peppered through life. This may be a heart attack, cancer, Alzheimer’s, a deadly auto accident… or any other profound or catastrophic disease or event. There may be a time of adjustment but as we stated, your goal is to remain stable, well, with faith… and respond by being positive.

People will fail many times at this test. You may also respond well at different points in your life or with different family members or friends being affected. It may be more acceptable for a 65-year-old neighbor to have a heart attack but not your nephew. Or, a stranger’s child may have leukemia but you have difficulty accepting the disease in your own grandson. These are what we referred to as co-occuring experiences. There are similar stressors that happen throughout life and you may respond in any variety of ways.

This seems shocking to some of you. The most basic premise you must remember is that this Earth life is NOT your true existence. We are here to experience and learn. We truly exist in spirit. Each incarnation is intended to pursue a variety of lessons and experiences. This is our “school.” By accepting this one premise you are immediately able to place all of your fear, shock, emotion, depression… into healthy, faith-based perspective.

Your child is teaching you by breaking a leg, suffering from pneumonia, marrying someone manipulative or abusive… Your mother is also teaching you by suffering a heart attack, becoming too old to drive safely, losing her home due to a difficult divorce… You are teaching others in your life through a variety of experiences as well.

This topic may be difficult to accept now. You are experiencing many emotions and expecting to react to life changing events in certain ways. This may change. In fact, it will change. In order to have a successful incarnation you must learn that your goal is to “accept” God’s Will and find love, light and laughter anyway.

Release your need to “react.” Make an attempt to contemplate and respond with faith to the next stressful event. Your emotional stability will carry over into any experience. Then, in turn, your emotionally stable response will influence the responses of your spouse, parent/child, co-workers… You may become a role model, which is ideal. You are in this same space, with others, attempting to learn spirituality and faith from US in spirit. This is our committment to teach you and if others then learn through you, We are accomplishing a great deal.

It may take time to fully explore this concept. Read through this post a few times, if needed. Release many of your non-productive emotions and seek a higher level of experience. Everything We teach you flows from LOVE. God’s love. You are each masterfully guided to find faith in all stages of your Earth existence. This is a very old process that you have been through many times. With Our dedication, We hope to guide you to spiritual success throughout this incarnation. We are definitely on target and this pleases Us. We also hope that you release some of your entrenched thinking and allow faith to make perfect sense!

Walk with Us and together We will reach the Temple of God and find comfort and wisdom therein.

I “AM” your guide. We will meet in that place within you of Divine faith, trust and love.
Maureen, The Advocate

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