The Gift of God

How many of us have been searching for meaning in life and a direction in which to go? Sometimes it seems so lonely or purposeless. We have made our own rules about what we consider success and failure and yet we may not be close to what our lives are really about.

If left to our self-direction we may wander directionless for some time. We scan our lives for meaning and value but may have actually been lost this whole time.

FAITH provides another, deeper level of meaning but this, too, may not be enough. We must “know” faith, spirit and God in order to find the true purpose of our existence. We may read the bible and attend our church but without that deeper KNOWING of spirit we may still be missing our mark. We need all three to find spiritual order for everything we have been through or have yet to go through.

What is forgiveness without the lesson of why and how we are able to forgive? Who will tell us of the details of who we have forgiven and what we have accomplished spiritually by forgiving? Without the direction and input of spirit we may just be blindly following the chart of forgiveness without any real gain to our own existence. There are life experiences from the beginning, through the middle and culminating at the end. Faith does not direct you to go from A to Z without understanding the lessons and value of each step in the process. That sounds too much like “blind faith” and little is learned from it.

We ask you to engage us for a longer period of time. We will teach you through many well-planned orations with real life examples. We have thought long and hard about how to teach you with ease and great understanding. We will see how well we will do.

Our intent is to touch you deep in your God Center with emotional realizations. These “ah-ha” moments will be carried out in concert with your guides to increase the impact of what we intend to teach. This is a definite “path” to self-enlightenment and self-actualization. We understand that you will learn at different rates and we will do our best to keep you connected in the flow of Source Energy.

The more you understand our teachings the greater your feeling of true faith and soul joy you will experience. This is how we will keep you interested. Your path will unfold gracefully and it will not be difficult to put our teachings into practise. We are striving for an accumulation of love, joy and faith with each lesson.

We will open some doors for you. Other doors you may have to open yourself. Without any doubt you will be infused with love. You may miss some of our meaning or understood only a portion of a lesson but that flush of love will be unmistakable. This is our gift for you to acknowledge your effort.

We will also provide “signs” that you are on the right track. We will send songs, phrases, visions, number sequences and many other signals to you during your day. This will help you to accept that spirit is truly beside you and capable of sending you love and messages as validation.

By staying involved we hope to increase your faith in us. We will never leave you and your evolution is our goal. We will meet you more than halfway.

Trust in Me,
Maureen, The Advocate

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