Love on the Roof!

This is time of renewal. Things have been washed away and cleansed. It is time to set your intentions for the rest of this year.

Make certain to set some personal goals that you would like for yourself and your life. Then, include some goals which God would have you set for your involvement in the Universe around you.

The full moon arrives tomorrow. this is an ideal time to perform some type of “release” ritual. Focus upon forgiveness for yourself and others. The simplest act would be to write some acts of forgiveness on slips of paper. Then tomorrow evening, under the full moon, burn them as a completion of the forgiving acts written.

The full moon is also very nourishing to your soul and spirit. Envision yourself basking in the glow of the moon and filling with positive Light and the bountiful natural energy of Mother Earth.

It is important to remain buoyant and lightweight. Keep your vibration high and always remember to envision yourself “above” the negative and dark energy of mankind. In your mind’s eye, journey up to a mountain top, into the clouds, in a hot air balloon, or in Heaven. Remaining grounded is especially important when floating into the higher realms.

Trust and be trusting. Set and maintain your protective images. Use a bubble of White light to surround you, a White Light net around you, animal guides as guardians, spirit guides as gatekeepers to filter out any negative energy, or any other protective imagery that resonates with you.

Use the boost of full moon energy to manifest some of your goals, visions or dreams.

It is a good time to begin a full moon ritual that is comfortable for your current beliefs and expectations. “Love on the Roof!” refers to your constant goal of achieving and maintaining a higher vibration.

Your connection with God and spirit will bloom this Spring if you are vibrating at a higher frequency. Answers from Heaven will be immediate and unmistakable. Divine beings will have greater access to you and many unnecessary diversions will not complicate your spiritual journey.

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