New Energy

I am posting today. I find myself without Ardomn or any other guide to step forward. Then it occurred to me that I may be “unavailable” to the new energy around me. Perhaps I don’t know which doors to open or at what energy level to search in.

My mother has been with me and my daughters for the past few weeks. She came through very strong as I was driving the other day. She provided most of her direction to my younger daughter who seems to be on a self-imposed hiatus. I’m on a hiatus but I’m certain I’m doing something wrong.

Spirit gave me a visual prompt today. The image was of the top side of an airplane in flight and me looking down from above it. My answer was to increase my vibration!!! I am too mired in the earth’s darker energy and that is why I haven’t been in contact with my new guides yet.

Wonderful suggestion!

In order to raise your vibration you must be grounded to earth and Heaven. Remember to run a cord from your crown to God and from your tailbone to the center of the earth.

Breathe slowly and initiate a moderate meditative state. Envision you becoming lighter and carefree. It may feel like a helium balloon. Allow yourself to rise above your current position. Move up further through floors, ceilings and roofs. Keep up your ascent and allow your sensations to mirror you floating and buoyant.

Rise above a plane in flight. Many new sensations are available to you. Remember to surround yourself in White Light for protection but still allow your guides to speak to you freely. If you are unable to clearly hear what is being said to you ask for them to speak directly to your soul and allow you to be conscious of their direction after you have left the meditative state.

You may rise up as far as you wish. You may enter new galaxies or enter Heaven. Whatever resonates with you. It is also possible to create a site where you will meet directly with your spirit guide. Make it a beachside pergola, a tea room, a mountain cabin or any other site which resonates with you any given time.

Spirit never leaves your side. If you find that you are unable to sense their presence like me, it is always that we have allowed ourselves to become unavailable. We have closed down or fallen prey to ego.

I am not used to all of this quiet!

Another suggestion I have is awesome for envisioning healing, guidance, love and Divine comfort is something I do during meditation. I lie down and superimpose a cross over me. I position the intersection of the cross encompassing my third eye. Make it as thick as you want or of any substance that you prefer. This is very stimulating and uplifting!

One last suggestion is also for guidance. I will sit upright and envision my head, including all of its contents, shifting down my body until it reaches my God Center. Again, I position my third eye directly in the God Center and allow the influx of Divine energy. This is stimulating and uplifting as well. During this exercise I imagine getting information directly from my soul which resides in our God Center.

Raise your vibration to reconnect with God and spirit. Also try the two visualization exercises to boost your inspiration. Use each exercise whenever you need to. It is important to rise above the negativity of the earth plane. These suggestions will help.

Spirit is is constant contact. You must rise up and be available to them. If you feel enclosed in darkness you must make the effort to elevate yourself and be open to your Divine being again. It may be something that you don’t always consider, but it is a good habit to make.

Wish me luck! The silence is frustrating and that is exactly the wrong way to deal with it. I must elavate my consiousness and be open to spirit. I am also very excited to meet my new guide or guides!

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