What If You Lag Behind?

What happens when you don’t make some major milestones in your chart? There are alternate paths that may be taken until you again find your “principle” chart. It may amount to busy work or a minor series of lessons. It definitely is not your true purpose in life.

Do some people never complete their principle chart? Yes.

There may be some good work being done by you at an alternate level of existence. You may not become the awe-inspiring philosopher you had intended but you may be a Master Gardener and work tirelessly to save the planet. Or, an accountant with a green thumb. There are many levels of achievement.

The most obvious reason for being diverted is substance abuse. You stopped maturing at the point where you began to abuse substances. You did not overcome your addictions and thus never reached your self-actualization. Or, you stopped using substances but then were struggling with staying clean and sober on a daily basis. You were never able to rejoin your principle chart.

Medical illness could also hold you back from self-actualization. Perhaps you did not find the FAITH to work with your illness and rejoin your principle chart. You may have lost your way and spent more time questioning why you were struck down with illness. You did not see any of God’s Will in your path and became defensive and/or angry.

Family dysfunction will also hold you back. Many of you must overcome the emotional barriers established by your family. You mature and become objective. Then, you realize that you don’t have to follow the same path and indulge in the same damaging patterns. Or, you continue in the same dysfunction and are unable to rise above your “role” in your family dysfunction. Then, you go on to create your “role” in your dysfunction with your spouse and children.

Faith is necessary to rejoin your own life and find your ultimate purpose. You must be able to set aside any barriers to faith and devotion to God. A sizeable amount of autonomy from your lower energy is good. You will not find God’s Will through anger, jealousy, substance abuse, lying, manipulation, greed or other ego-based behaviors. Your path will become clear AFTER you have released these barriers.

You will also find clarity in moderation. You must release the need for everything to be black or white. It is in the moderate middle that you resist your emotional crutches of the past.

Meditation is a good practice to find balance. Release your need to react and instead allow. People that you enjoy learning from are moderate and sensible. They don’t feed severe mood swings. They take time and caution to respond to an event. Their presence is calming. Their centeredness encourages your centeredness. If you enjoy emotionally radical teachers and co-workers then you haven’t found your spiritual “center” yet.

The single most crucial decision about your life purpose is your own focus and desire. Would you resist finding your God-centered life in favor of ego-based goals? You may make this decision, of course. One of the times you may regret it is when you have crossed over and it is time to review your life. Many goals will be unmet. You will see the obvious departure from your intended path at that time. But this is your own free will to make these decisions now.

How do you regain your intended chart? By finding FAITH and allowing God to be first and foremost in your life. Lose all of your negative behavior and add only positive behaviors in their place. Relax and find your balance through being grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared. Connect to Mother Earth and to God. Practice meditation and find direction from God and spirit.

Forget to advance just yourself and instead adopt a global mentality about making progress for everyone and everything. Make decisions that will benefit the next generation and the next… Resist your need to judge and allow only acceptance when involved in someone’s life. We have all been off track and delayed. We all have dealt with issues that seemed so much bigger than us. We too have chased the wrong dream. When you are able to offer love, understanding and acceptance to others you know you are back on your path.

Your path is behaving as God would behave and embracing all others and yourself. The answers will come quickly when you reach that point. It is possible to make up for lost time and rejoin your principle chart. All of the beautiful things that you do matter, but there are goals to be met. Please don’t feel like giving up because you worry that you are lost. Begin again and be God in human form. Your life goals will come to meet you. No worries.

Your path will unfold naturally. Life becomes hard when you are not on it. The Universe seems to challenge you at every step. Every day is an uphill battle. Rejoin God and begin to travel downstream. Life flows when you are ONE with Creation.

We are here to help and we never judge or give up. You are worthy of our attention. Come back to our embrace and we will travel together once again.


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