In The Cradle of God

You have made some brief attempts to use visualization for healing and spiritual progress but you must give it more effort. It works quite well and there really is no reason to “not” use it.

Do you feel foolish? But who knows that you are doing it? This is something that may be very personal AND satisfying. You do not need to share this practice with anyone. That is, until you pass it along to others because it works so well!

Start small. Develop a basic visualization that you will envision each day. We have selected a vision for you as stated in the title above. Envision yourself being held in the cradle of God’s arms as HE sits upon HIS throne.

See yourself being embraced. Add colors, textures, sensations, fragrances and the “feeling” of being held. The more details you develop, the more real it becomes. Nestle in and receive HIS love. You may wish to smell roses, fresh-cut wood, a meadow after a rain, or even your grandmother’s perfume. Feel the drapes of Greatness. Hear and feel the hum of HIS energy as you are in HIS embrace. See the Bright White Light that surrounds you both.

As this becomes more comfortable for you to create, then ask for what you want or need. Heal yourself or others. Find the guidance and energy to start a new business. Find direction for your next career. Find that perfect car. Squash the argument between your brothers. Ask for good homes for all those rescued kittens you heard about. Ask for patience in dealing with that pesky neighbor.

Just ask and allow. Release the whole situation to God and let it be handled. If you take back your “control” things will go awry again. You will not handle any situation better than God. This freedom will give you added time to send loving energy out to everyone in your daily life. Be a conduit for God’s Love and send Light to any person or situation.

It is your human need to believe you are in control over everything in your life. This isn’t true and this belief alone may cause depression, anxiety, mood swings, ulcers, headaches, shortness of breath, irritability, unfocused anger, being overwhelmed by daily tasks and may culminate in panic.

Remember that you are not in charge. You are a passenger on the bus and God is driving. This realization will allow you to feel carefree and loving. It is up to you to experience life and learn from all of its intricacies. Release your need for control and experience a life of faith instead.

Each day is a gift, full of gifts.

Genuine joy and jubilation is your birthright. Be hungry for each moment. Celebrate each blessing. Always see the good in every person, situation and experience.

You know the meaning of life. It is to simply leave the Universe up to God and celebrate your freedom to celebrate!

The amount of happiness in your life has everything to do with your perspective. Even the negative things have a positive lesson to teach you. Don’t be undone by illness, loss, and mistakes. Instead, find the joy that most certainly has come of it.

Most of you are still unable to comprehend why bad things should cause you to experience joy. Stick with us and We will lead you there.

From The Embrace of God,

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