Honor Our Savior

This is a beautiful time of year. Not only is it Spring with ever bountiful growth and renewal but it also the anniversary of our greatest gift. Jesus suffered and died on the cross to allow us all salvation. We are worthy of such a gift and we must take time to be humble and thankful.

It is so easy to be full of ego and celebration because we are allowed so many moments of true salvation. We smile broadly and take comfort in our eternal Light. Let us first thank God for this monumental gift. Then, let us thank Jesus for HIS path of insurmountable pain and anguish so that we may live free forever. Let us not forget the cost of our absolution.

We have faith. We honor our God. We trust in our Divine protection. Be solemn first and jubilant later.

What have we planned for this year? Do we have longterm and short-term goals? How will we increase God’s presence in our lives? This is very important for your mood and progress. Being surrounded by God and all other Heavenly Hosts will add more faith, inspiration and satisfaction with life. You will be reminded of your Savior each day. These items will prompt you to be thankful for all of your blessings. Do your ever forget to thank God? Most of us do. Having visual reminders in your life will increase your appreciation for everything that you have and all of your experiences.

Even everyday household things may prompt you to commune with God. Food in the fridge, hot water, a roof over your head, family photos, mementos from ancestors, a car that runs… God has brought all of this to us. Thank HIM for your loving mother and supportive uncle. Thank HIM for your good health. Thank HIM for each thing that makes you smile. Thank HIM for all of life’s lessons, positive or negative.

Each day is a gift from God!

Celebrate all that this season represents. Jesus was born unto us and followed HIS chart until the end. Everything we have in life is a blessing that flows from this gift. It is possible to have things and wealth and still not know your true worth. Faith is what makes each day part of your Divine experience. Each incarnation will bring you closer to God in Heaven. The journey is well worth it. Others may walk beside you but no one more important than Jesus. Call upon Him whenever you need to. HIS love for you outshines anything that we endure in life.

Embrace this gift. Understand the story of Easter and how it impacts our lives. Be humble. Be thankful. Be appreciative. Then, celebrate!

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