Lost In Love

Seek our Higher Power and make the committment to become lost in love. What does this entail? Being completely in the present and allowing only love, faith and support to be given to others through you.

It is the absolute absence of any dark or negative thinking on your behalf. You must release any prejudice or expectation. There will be no more judgement of anyone, including yourself.

It is likened to an overwhelming love affair with God. Your eyes, ears, heart and soul will only see goodness and grace. Each person will seem perfect. Anything they say or do is poetry in motion. You complete each other’s sentences and offer unending support for whatever life choices they make. You daydream about how profound their impact is upon your life and thank God for each and every moment that you are blessed to spend with them.

You don’t see any lack, limitation or flaw. You gush about how beautiful they are and refuse to listen to anything negative about them. Your support never ends even in the face of their mistakes.

Each person is a perfect child of God. They are on their own path and yes, maybe they have made mistakes but they are learning. They make changes to their being in response to some of their missteps. We are all flawed in some way and they are simply at “that” point in their chart.

We offer endless second chances and pick them up each time they fall. What else do we have to do in this life anyway? Why not behave “as God.” Let us see the best in everyone. Let us not know any negative or harmful response to each spiritually perfect person God places upon our path.

Let us love deeply. Let us forgive everything. Let us see only goodness and grace. Let us accept that our support and assurance may make all the difference to someone struggling or lost.

The beauty of us is more than skin deep. When lost in love we choose to see only the best in someone. We are entrenched in their gaze. We love hopelessly and endlessly.

Just as God loves us let us love all others as well. We are on a journey of our soul. Each step is part of this dance. We venture forward, or perhaps not, but we always deserve God’s Love.

Let us join in a raving love affair with each other. Imagine the milestones we will make with so much love and support around us. Each step is perfect. Every smile is precious. The goals we reach will shine just as brightly as the challenges we face. That’s what being lost in love feels like.

We each have an amazing amount of loving beings with us. Not one of them will judge or condemn you. You are perfect. You deserve their love and attention. We are surrounded by unconditional love and we may certainly send it on to others in our lives.

Love has no limits. We, place limits upon our ability to love. It is time to set aside your expectations of others and love freely. No limits, no boundaries. Love as God chooses to love.


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