Healing Images


Have you thought to ask spirit for healing? Does it make sense that Divine beings are able to bring many positive benefits to you just for the asking? Have you ever received an Angel hug? Or, have you been embraced by Jesus?

There is a saying of a person questioning Jesus about HIS promise to always walk beside him. He noted, looking back, that there were times when there were only one set of footprints in the sand. Then, it was revealed that during those difficult times, Jesus had carried him. This is truly possible.

Think about walking up to the altar of God and sitting at the feet of Jesus in order to meditate or pray. Then, leaving all of your stress and worry at HIS feet as you walk away and begin your day anew. Many of these events may truly happen by your initiation.

Ask angels to surround your child each day they go to school. Drench the operating room with intense White Light and fill it with angels when your mother is having her surgery. Ask Divine beings to cleanse and clear a building known for dark energy or negative events. Envision Mother Earth embracing your new home and grounding it with sturdy roots imbedded to her core.

There is nothing unusual about these requests. They make perfect Divine sense. Prayer may be verbal but also visual. In fact, with your persistence, you may actually manifest truly wonderful things through imagery.

Have you heard of a vision board? It is a blank canvass that you fill with your wishes, needs and heart’s desire. Each time you see this board you manifest these events into being. That new car, new job, a much wanted baby, weight loss… Anything is possible.

Remember to ALLOW things to happen. Manifest then get out of your own way!

What is sacred geometry? It is another form of healing or manifestation that may be brought about by your guides, angels, spiritual leaders, elementals, animal guides… Find the image and sense how it makes you feel. The one above is just an example. Does it resonate with you? If not do an image search and find one that does.

If you ask for healing prior to sleep make sure you allow spirit to act on your behalf. Give spirit permission to heal you or bring about your specific wishes. You may ask to remember the healing after you wake. Keep an open mind and allow spirit to function in the manner they see fit.

Sometimes, you have vivid dreams and you envision sacred geometry floating above you. The colors are intense and you “feel” your healing take place. The images move and change as you are healed. You may sense different colors and images represent different areas of focus. This is amazing but only one way in which spirit may bring about changes in your life in accordance with your chart.

Please don’t delay in utilizing imagery. If your father is sick, place him in the arms of Jesus. If you want your sister to be cured of cancer, send angels with her as she receives her chemo, radiation or other treatments. If your dog is having puppies, ask for a dog mid-wife angel and St Francis to assist her.

This is a powerful way to bring about good and positive changes to your life. Say a prayer but use a visual image to coincide with it. Pay attention because you may actually notice the effectiveness of your prayer increase.

Images are great for producing intense thoughts and feelings. Use them in your home, office, auto, church, temple… Find God in many differing ways and never resist your desire for more connectivity, whether verbal or visual.

Send your visions of love anywhere. It is natural to want to see God to make HIM more real and available. Faith is shown in many ways. Embrace God and spirit with all of your senses. The feeling of an angel hug is unmistakable and I will take your hand, if you ask me. Ardomn

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