You Really Are THAT Beautiful

Many of you are interested in finding more information about your higher self. You are curious about just what you look like in your perfect form. We enjoy your curiosity and of course we shall provide further information.

1. As your higher self you no longer have a racial background. There are only a few different skin tones that we use. There are very fair tones to medium brown tones.
2. You likely have long hair. The color has a wide variety from blond to dark brown or black. You may have straight, wavy or curly hair. It may be parted in the center but very often parted to either side and swept long down the front of your chest.
3. You may have high cheek bones.
4. You have flawless skin.
5. Your eyes are one of the most dramatic features. They have a spiral of various bright colors. These colors are specific to your areas of interest or strengths. Violet is psychic, blue is spiritual, green is an ambitious achiever, white is an unconventional chameleon, red is an activist and orange is a creative communicator. These colors closely mirror the chakra colors of your strengths and interests. With some research you may find some definitions for your eye colors other than what has been stated.
5. You are draped in robes of the colors of our strengths and focus. These drapes are only one, two or three colors. They represent your life purpose so you may be able to decide your life direction based upon the color of your robes.
6. You often have cords woven into your hair, headbands or jewelery. This is your personal choice.
7. As guides and your higher self, we speak to each other with our thoughts so if you communicate with us you will not see our mouths move just as your mouth will not move.

We are able to touch, embrace, hold your hand, smile and laugh. We may even hold your hand as we walk you to a new area of interest or perhaps your next chapter in life. We may bring other higher people for you to gather important information from.

It may be helpful to envision a room in which we meet. Have chairs for you and your guide to sit in facing each other. Use your favorite designs and colors. Include a water feature or plants. Whatever resonates with you in order to meet your guides and be content.

Remember to stay grounded when meeting guides. If you float you will lose your connection immediately. Relax and connect to the floor, ground, foliage… Open your crown chakra and be open to God.

If meeting guides, their appearance is similar to your higher self except there may be some obvious references to certain cultures or even a Native American appearance. Your perception of their features will most likely be accurate if you embrace your first impression. If you over think their symbols, jewelery, beads, feathers, wands, staff… you will probably miss the intent of the image they are presenting to you.

The best way to see your higher self is to meditate and ask for the image to be presented to you. Stay grounded and take in your appearance. Note the colors and impressions that you absorb from your higher self. Connecting with this elevated being will improve your connectivity to your chart, guides and God.

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