The Blanket of God’s Love

If only we would allow it; God’s love would encircle us and make our lives perfect in grace.

It is our own struggle that keeps us from the enveloping warmth and love of God’s embrace. We insist upon believing that we are in control and we have final say in where our journey will lead. This is exactly how we delay our self-actualization. We have spent years travelling in the wrong direction. We push against walls and barriers of unimaginable kinds because we insist that we are financiers, day traders, managers and explorers of the financial world.

Money is NOT your destiny. Fulfillment comes in all forms of interest and spiritual investment. Yes, we do need money to live and finances to keep our societies going but perhaps you are forcing yourself into something that will never fit. God will give you that answer.

There are those of us who do need to run businesses and offer employment to others. Many jobs are in healthcare, environmental preservation, infrastructure maintenance and many more which are truly necessary for our continued existence. We are focused upon those of you who are chasing the dollar out of greed, self-absorption or ego.

There are so many more beautiful and fulfilling pursuits for you to follow. Finding a connection to your soul will help guide you to your life purpose. This must be practiced through meditation, being grounded, cleansed, cleared and centered. Then, once you find your answer you must resist the urge to fall back into your previous habits. End the struggle.

Your soul is in your God Center. This is in your solar plexus, at the center of your being. Be grounded and enter a moderate meditative state. Envision your God Center as a golden orb. Feed this orb more Light and increase the intensity of its glow. With every breath, brighten the Light. Now engage the orb in any manner which resonates with you.

You may envision your head dropping into your solar plexus and your God Center taking the position of your third eye. This should feel exhilarating. It may be so intense that you struggle to maintain this blended state. Remain as long as possible and allow whatever contact or images to enter into your mind’s eye. It may be a departed loved one, your spirit guide, Jesus, angels, God… You may also sit and enter a moderate meditative state. Imagine sitting across from your Higher Self. This being looks a lot like you but appears flawless, wise, vibrantly colorful, caring and genuine. Envision connecting your God Center with the God Center of your higher self then allow the sharing of knowledge. They may bring you gifts or impart messages into your thoughts. They may show you a path, an image, a Holy place… There will be a vast amount of answers to your life questions. The best way to remember these directions will probably need some experimenting.

You may write them down after you regain complete consciousness. You may ask for your guides to repeat them to you as you sleep. You may want clues in songs or others forms of messages. You may ask your guide to write them in a book that you may imagine reading during meditation. There are many differing ways to infuse this knowledge with your mind and body. Find a way which gives you the most impact. Don’t fret. Spirit may give these directions to you again and again. Resist influencing your soul contact with anxiety or fear.

All of your necessary information is contained within you. Each and every day, decision, change in direction, new areas of focus, illness, mistakes… It is a blueprint. Your Heavenly Hosts may read it. Every thought or answer is easily within your grasp.

We spend far too much time occupying ourselves with meaningless things. Enter this space daily or as often as you wish. You will be gifted with a sense of completeness. Your connection to God and spirit will be palpable.

You are not broken. You are simply in the process of completing a portion of your chart. Seek the connection with your soul and release unnecessary fear. Everything has a purpose and you may look for the answers that you and God had agreed upon. Simple. Far easier than what you are making it out to be!

End the struggle of self-direction. Alow God to blanket you with all-knowing love and guidance. “Come home” to your eternal life in comfort and assurance. Be at peace in the path that you have written with the loving approval of our Father.

I am your guide in these matters,

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