Worship Brings Undeniable Blessings

How does worship do this? By opening up your heart, soul and third eye to God and spirit. Worship causes an outpouring of emotions. You no longer censor or withhold what you truly think or feel.

Your being flows with love, emotion and faith. Not only does this allow the outpouring of emotions but also the influx of them also. You release your need for walls or barriers. You allow more of life to come into contact with you. You are less sheltered and more interactive.

This is facilitated by spirit as well. We feel more in tune with God and spirit on Sundays. Why? Because of the blanket of faith that covers much of the space around us. Answers come more quickly. We feel at peace. We also believe that many things are possible because of the flow of faith on this and other days of worship.

It is as if the churches and other places of worship overflow with Divine energy. Then the flow connects to another wave of faith from other places of worship. This keeps going for some time. It doesn’t just dissipate after an hour or two. It lingers. Anyone may use this altruistic Light.

Do you have to wait for Sunday? No! Keep the channels open and worship each day. Ask for the Eternal Light and allow faith to flow inward and outward as intended.

Remember the analogy of down stream travel? You flow with the energy of the Universe and not against it. There is no struggle or barriers. It is natural and easy. This is also assisted by worship. Opening up your chakras and cleansing negative energy centers will keep you aligned with your chart. All things are possible and you need only ask and you shall receive.

Worship will promote a noticeable momentum. Of course you get what you want and need. If not, it wasn’t intended to come to you now and you “know” the lesson that was taught by not having it. Bounty makes sense and so does lack. It is the flow of life that teaches you how to make adjustments to your daily travel.

This concept may be reached more easily by practicing meditation, grounding, centering and cleansing your energy centers. Opening up to God is truly an act of faith. Worship is your active participation in this process.

Continuous worship will liken your being to a fertile soil. Anything you wish to grow will be splendid and healthy. No weeds will deter any of your plans. Only positive and healthy thoughts and feelings will take root. You will have a bounty of blessings. Enough to share with others as well!

It is possible to travel this inspiring path then begin to take back control and restart your upstream travel once again. This happens far too easily. Even spiritual leaders fall into the trap of ego. They mistakenly believe that the miracles they performed were of their own doing. They begin to travel the road of excess and feel entitled to many riches. Leading the life of worship was never intended to be lined with luxury. You will have what you need but YOU must battle the sickness of ego.

Also be cautious of who or what you worship. Remember that God is the origin of all bounty. Resist the urge to fall to your knees in faith to anyone or anything but God. Remain centered. Worship God and give thanks for people and things. It is beginning to make sense and that is good.

May all of your streets be lined with gold. We will inform you now, the gold of which we speak is the Glory of God, not actual gold. Do not be disappointed, this treasure will bestow upon you many more blessings than the mineral gold. God’s Love will never tarnish nor will it be withheld from you. It will shine so bright that you must sheild your eyes. The rays of God’s Love will bring you to tears. We seek to touch your soul. We want only to open your path to God. Allow us the honor to walk beside you.

This is the epitome of your earthly existence. Dollars are not on this path of self-actualization. Love, honor, healing, faith and worship are. Journey with God. There are no struggles to manage and no walls to climb. Your life “of God” flows freely. Worship is acknowledging this truth and being strong enough to allow the flow in and out.

Love God and allow God to love you as well. The gold you seek is in your soul. It has never been anywhere else.

My Love Holds You Near,

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