Take the Good With the Bad

We all want to hear only good news. We always want the positive, up-side to everything in our lives. This is not reasonable or rational. The bad is what makes your life more fulfilling and rounded.

If you only had pleasant and positive things happen you would learn nearly nothing. It is the problem solving and negotiating that makes your personality more interesting. Your skill set in managing life has more depth with some challenging events and occurrences.

This is a classroom. The best lessons are learned with some pressure for you to react to and develop. Nothing is intended to undo you. This is only about learning and experiencing. Make better decisions BECAUSE of the difficult times.

This is about perspective. Many people are faced with the same challenges. Each person reacts differently. This has to do with their life experiences, faith and perspective. One person with cancer may be dismal and unmotivated and another may have hope, seek a higher power and believe in miracles. This happens each day. Then, each person may vary in their faith. One day they will beat cancer and the next they are depressed, tearful and feeling life is unfair.

This is also centered around the maturity and emotional health of your family life while growing up. If there is substance abuse, drama and violence, you will like be unprepared for the challenges of “bad news.” It has to be someone else’s fault. You may not accept any responsibility for your faith or perspective when dealing with stress. And, you may also abuse substances, perpetuate drama and attempt to solve problems with violence.

This isn’t a life sentence. You may have charted an emotionally difficult childhood. You asked for harsh circumstances in order to grow and develop through the years. You may succumb to your dysfunctional roots for some time then seek reasoning and understanding in your later years. Or, you may stay coiled in drama until you cross over again. This is up to you.

If you divide your life in threes, you may have difficult times in your childhood, adulthood or elder years. The general thinking is that you likely didn’t chart negative drama for all three stages of life.

This has everything to do with your life purpose. You may have wanted to learn from a difficult childhood with abuse, neglect, adult abuse of substances only to rise up and overcome adversity and be a social worker for children’s services. Or, you lived with a parent with cancer and it seemed to overwhelm your childhood and caused you to grow up too fast. Then you went to medical school and researched the cure for cancer.

Then, you may have had an idyllic childhood only to suffer emotional abuse from a spouse. Then, your cause is to find your voice, build your self-confidence and leave your abuser. Or, you may have charted a beautiful life until your elder years when you chose to suffer from Alzheimer’s and teach your family through challenge and struggle.

There are many different scenarios. Your life may be explained by dividing it into threes and seeing where your challenges were charted. There are times when we may have charted troubling events in two life phases or even all three. This could be people who have Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Asperger’s, childhood schizophrenia, childhood cancers with remissions, Type I Diabetes, or any serious birth defect. Some of the most highly evolved souls choose these life charts. They are here to teach us by experiencing serious challenges in life and still find faith, forgiveness and love.

Take the good with the bad. Celebrate all of life’s blessings. It may also give you more purpose to decide what your charted goals in life are. What was your childhood intended to teach you? Is your struggle over or are you just beginning to find it? What may you do with your knowledge and experience to help others? Life is NOT stagnant. There is nothing to be learned from all positive experiences.

Jump right in and relish the depth of your soul. You came here to accomplish everything! Each moment has a purpose. God wants you to navigate the depths of negativity and still find HIM!

Doesn’t this all make so much more sense? Enjoy! Know that your challenges are not intended to undo you, they are meant to fulfill you.

Enjoy the irony of God’s Creation.

With deep and compassionate love,

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