Love Is At The Center

Filling your being with LOVE will send you fast forward toward your self-actualization. Love is the single, most profound choice that you can make to fulfill your destiny. This one motive will erase many lessons about forgiveness, success, faith, healing, empathy, personal strength, childhood concerns, working with others and healing Mother Earth.

If you are able to offer love to any and all beings, you will ascend to the head of the class. It is really that profound. Love, in its pure form, will wash away any darkness or negativity that you may have gathered during your lifetime. It is impossible to offer love and still judge any person or situation.

In youth you may have argued with an elder. “No, they are wrong. They hurt or cheated you so you must hold anger and resentment for them.” The elder may have responded with something wise and empathetic. But you still persisted. There had to be someone held accountable. The person in the wrong needed to admit guilt and make amends. There was no other way. At some point the elder may have changed the subject or had grown silent. In their mind they knew that you would know forgiveness and understanding as you grew older. Or, they hoped you would.

You may not have to wait to be wise. It is possible to forgive and understand now. The urge you have to hold people accountable may not subside so easily. It would take an immense amount of faith. As you have been told, this incarnation is all about learning. You are here to experience and to grow, learn from your mistakes and find forgiveness for yourself and others. If you understand this premise, it is natural to find and allow for forgiveness.

We are all on a journey of education and experience. Some of us have learned more and may be emotionally more evolved. Others may still be struggling with immaturity. What makes matters worse is the abuse of drugs or alcohol. These substances stop your emotional growth and you may not reach any higher level of maturity because of it. There are times when one may give up substances and still not gain any maturity. It all hinges upon your insight into your emotional state and your desire to make progress. You may live your entire life and not grow past your adolescence.

Yes, this makes sense to a lot of people. You know those who fit this description. Their moods swing wildly and they have tantrums. Nothing is ever their fault and they accept no responsibility for anything. Even then, they still could seek assistance to gain insight and judgement. Many do not travel this route because it is difficult and requires some admission of their own responsibility. This echoes the 12-Step programs in a lot of ways.

What remains at the basis of immediate healing and self-actualization is LOVE. Whether God finds you mature and responsible or immature and struggling with life, it is possible to drop all negativity and judgment and embrace the Universe completely. It is not up to you to judge or condemn. God does not judge or condemn so it is certainly outside of your scope. This should be a revelation. It is intended to be the truth and fall upon you in awe.

The moment you feel any emotion other than love, stop. Turn your thoughts to the actualization of every soul and understand that further experience may be needed for this person or situation to be healed. We were all at this point in our lives when grace did not occur to us. We too, may have struggled with our emotions and our ability to understand. What did we want at that point in our lives? Patience and acceptance. We wanted others to have compassion for our limitations.

Understand your motives in this lifetime. Do you want to be successful and prosperous? Do you long to have complete faith in God? Do you understand that your goals are also the goals of God? Clean the slate and continue to advance. Hold no judgment. Offer forgiveness to yourself and others. Release any need for retribution. Understand that you are here to learn in a heavy, negative environment. If you may learn and accept love here, then you truly are successful in this life.

This is a process. We walk with you during each step. It is our honor to assist you to find and maintain your lifechart. You know your destiny is far greater than what you have now. You may sense it. You may also wish for it. Taking some positive steps will bring it to you as intended.

KNOW and ACCEPT LOVE. It is the answer to all life’s struggles. Wash your soul in this energy and be ONE with God. Love is at the center and we will help you find it and live it.

We Are One on this Day,

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