Seek Absolution

We move forward with a topic that will be revisited many times. Absolution refers to the complete dismissal of any sin/wrong doing/negative behavior/abomination/weakness/shirking responsibility/cheating/lies/intentionally harming someone.

We seek absolution for ourselves. You are here, on this blog site, because you want entry into Heaven. You are listening closely and taking notes. You want to be told that you will be ushered into the afterlife and through the pearly gates upon your death. You fear what else may become of your eternal existence if you don’t go to Heaven.

Absolution answers many questions about past, present and future behavior. You consider just how far astray you may go and still be cleared of your wrongdoing.

“Help others.” Just how much do I have to help? Do I really have to donate money? Can I just phone it in? “Harm no one or any thing.” What if I overfed my goldfish and it died? Is re-homing my dog instead of paying for obedience training considered negative behavior? “Be honest.” Is a little white lie still a sin? What if I decide someone doesn’t need to hear the truth, sort of a lie by omission?

We, on the Other Side, don’t look so intently at each action or event. It is genuinely about your overall behavior and mindset. Do you set out to be good, do good and contribute positively to the world? Great! If not, there is some work to be done.

It is more like a pie chart. How much is good and how much is intentionally negative, abusive, destructive or manipulative? Is there more White Light on your pie chart or more dark or grey areas? This may seem simple to you but it is that general.

What you tend to forget is that this incarnation is a period of learning. Your knowledge and experience evolves over time. We expect you to make more mistakes when you are younger. Our eternal, comprehensive and completely reasonable goal is for you to make mistakes and learn from them. Seek to make each day better than the last and each year better than the one before. Make improvements and attain goals. Raise up the next generation to be better than yours.

Absolution is for you and for others in your life as well. We spoke of this yesterday. There is a possibility of releasing your negative karma with others. You would be allowing them absolution from their past experiences with you. Again, you need not make any statements or perform any formalities. Just let it go. This is what God and other Heavenly Hosts may offer to you as well. Absolution.

It is much like stopping your inner dialog against yourself. Break the negative loop of bad feelings or unforgiving thoughts when you see someone or think of them. Just stop! Allow yourself the luxury of time and distance to sooth your need for retribution. Vengeance is NOT “of God.”

They owe me something… I need to be addressed… I was cheated… They hurt me or my feelings… They received more than I did… I just can’t get over __________… None of these emotional statements are the words, thoughts or actions of God!

Absolution is THE gift that Jesus delivered to us. We are human and capable of as many miracles as Jesus. This, we have been told. Step up into those awe-inspiring shoes! Break down those doubts of who we really are and accept that we ARE God. Of course absolution is a gift that you may bestow upon others. Don’t hold yourself back from your greatness. You are truly that special, worldly and forgiving.

You have seen many great spiritual leaders offer forgiveness and understanding to any and all followers. You are capable of such wisdom. We only have to start.

Fill your entire being with stunning, bright, White Light. Push more intensity into this Light with every breath. Breathe White Light. Move with White Light. Envision yourself aglow. How precious and beautiful you are. Of course God loves you dearly. Allow the dark and grey areas to be completely released and fill those important spaces with the ever-growing and powerful Light. Do this exercise at least once per day. Remember, the key is to resist bringing back all of your limited, hurtful or negative feelings. Allow yourself to exist as God. The pressure of our earth-plane will diminish in the presence of your Light!

Accept and offer absolution. It is a gift that will heal your soul many times over. You are that great spiritual leader and there is no room in your being for any thoughts, feelings or actions beneath your auspicious existence.

My love for you,

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