High Five!

We are pleased to see so many of you eager to participate in our ascent toward Heaven. It is a good day to start deciding upon some short-term goals.

What seems like a positive and proactive start would be to focus upon your mood and inner thoughts. We want you to be your best supporter not your harshest critic. There really is no reason to put yourself down or complain about your failings or mistakes. This leads only into darkness and depression.

Stick with positive affirmations and feel-good thoughts. Even if you make mistakes or seem to lack solid direction, this is no reason to harbor negative thoughts. Interrupt that loop in your mind. Just break your thought pattern and return to loving and supportive thinking. Don’t fixate on anything that you believe you have said or done in error.

Next, it is a good idea to focus upon your health. Make some positive changes to your diet and add some activity into your life. Feeling good may lead to looking good! Then when you meet the world you will have energy and confidence.

Also, clear up some emotional issues. It is acceptable to set some differences aside. This means that you may release any need or desire to hold grudges. Let them go! This doesn’t mean that you have to approach someone and mend fences, that would be asking a lot. Just let it be. Face each day free of any negative feelings about anyone or anything.

Emotional release also includes any negative thoughts or behaviors that you have. Replace them with good and positive things. Rely upon prayer, meditation, journaling and possibly counseling. Talk to someone you trust. Write your own daily affirmations about some troubling issues. Do any release ritual that you may find on the internet such as burning paper that you have written something on, blowing out a candle that you have placed some concern upon… Write a letter to God, Jesus, Angels… Or read a book about some things that relate to you. Letting things go is the goal.

Also begin some type of faith-based activity. We don’t insist that anyone go to church but if that is ok with you then please do. We suggest reading books on topics which resonate with you such as the Life of Christ, Wicca, Zen, positive thinking, manifestation, Angels/Archangels… Find any media which provides information or teachings which are of interest to you. (Research on areas which are not aligned with your beliefs is not recommended until later.) There are focus groups, book clubs, support groups, lectures, college courses, philosophical exhibits… about topics which develop your soul and increase your faith.

After these four short-term goals we will get into some much bigger things! Our goal is to guide you to the Kingdom of God. If it is too complicated or contrived we may lose some of you along the way. We wish to make it very easy and certainly possible for you to walk beside us. We understand that many of you have some deeply personal emotional concerns. We will address this as well. Please don’t leave us because you fear this emotional piece. We will relieve you of your worry just as Jesus has healed many others with the miracles of God. It may be done and we ask you to have faith in us.

Your Warrior of Peace,

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