Wizened Souls

“Wize”-ned souls are your earth-guides who are closely knitted to earth and heaven. They have lived many lives and have made progress over time. They may also be likened to philosophers, prophets and great spiritual leaders.

They have ascended to the seventh level of existence on the Other Side and yet choose to live here on earth and await each of you to happen by. They have devoted much of their lives to mentoring people. Some have started at a young age and still managed to inspire you.

The “truth” of their existence is that they are able to filter out ego, greed, self-absorption, illness, permanent disabilities and/or the negativity of this earth-plane.

They are not swayed by our attempts to derail their nobility. We may have unknown motivation to dampen their holy existence or we may be trying to sabotage them intentionally. Many of us walk right by them. We see no value in their existence. Our ego may push all of our buttons and we are diverted from encountering them.

If we do stop and listen or try to absorb what they are here to share, we may conclude that they are unbelievable and move on of our own accord. We may also accept their wisdom and bountiful Holy Light and stay within their orb of influence for some amount of time.

Why would we be so shortsighted and not accept their direction? Usually ego. People who walk with intent and purpose will seldom stop and enjoy the spontaneous lessons in life. Meeting the wizened ones requires investing some time in something that may not be included in your action plan. Sort of like stopping to smell the roses.

If you hurry by everyone then they have no chance to engage you in a soulful teaching moment. In order to sense a wizened one you must be touched by a feeling that both inspires and soothes you. The comfort of true wisdom washes over you. If you avoid tree-hugging, dirt-lovers, you may miss any opportunity to be touched by a deep spiritual connection from which much-needed wisdom flows.

But this isn’t always true! These wizened ones are also in the many fields of practice in which you are involved. They are many and we are blessed.

How do you recognize them? By getting a feeling that is both inspiring and comforting. You sense that you were let in on a secret. You were engaged in a holy rampage and your senses bloomed. Perhaps you couldn’t stop talking about what you heard and learned. One encounter may lead you to seek more encounters with them.

You may have been drawn by their technical knowledge but then were awed by their life knowledge. They had good lessons on relationships, spirituality, love, child rearing, getting your car repaired… Or, they had great spiritual knowledge and then awed you with other life expertise as well.

Something drew you to them. If they aren’t able to engage you then you wouldn’t be shown their Divine Light. This is what is meant when we say that you must step outside of your routine in order to find more of them. There are select ones in your path but some have to be sought after.

It is a good hint to guide you toward people who work with the land. As we stated at the start these souls are well grounded in the earth and heaven. They may be followers of earth-based religions or your gardener. If this puts you off then that is why you haven’t met many of them. If your focus is on technical advances and you live in the urban jungle, you may have to smell some roses or hug some trees. But not to worry, these wizened ones have technical knowledge as well.

These are individuals who have pursued many different vocations or areas of research in their many lives. They will leave you speechless when they touch those many interests that YOU have. That is why they are here. Their intent is to inspire you to spiritual greatness through whatever avenue you wish to pursue.

You may sense that they are “special.” They have many great sides to them. You may vaguely feel as if each person has more people embodied within them. Their eyes may dance. When you look deeply into their eyes you may sense eons of learning and knowledge. It is as if they have written many books on a variety of subjects and each one was a best-seller!

Your soul will chatter with excitement as well. Your soul will delight at the knowledge that will be infused while you engage this wizened one. There is a rush of anticipation. It is similar to old friends meeting after a long while. They want to “catch up” with each other.

After this wizened one has left your life, your soul will continue to guide you according to the knowledge that was shared. You may struggle to regain your “normal” life again, but why would you? Lose the rule book. Divine knowledge is gained in many arenas and avenues. Relax and allow life to flow according to God’s Will instead of your own. It will be a nice change.

Walking through life with blinders on will limit your spiritual growth. This is why we are here. If we do not want soul-growth there is no need to incarnate! Look for the beautiful souls of the travelers among you. There is much to be learned.

God has intended for you to find these wizened ones. You will feel the comfort of no longer feeling alone in some ways and more doors to enlightenment will open. This is how it was intended.

Congratulations on this next step to enlightenment. I count you as my dear friends.


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