What Tricks Doth the Bag Hold?

What more do we have to dispel from our character? Are there more options and values and villainy? Not really. I know we are having fun with this post but what else will make the topic seem interesting and meaningful?

Lets look at this organized by number.

1. No crimes against anyone.
2. No stealing.
3. No financial crimes or misrepresentation such as fraud, evasion or black mail.
4. No harm of physical injury including threats of injury.
5. No burglary. You know what is yours and what isn’t. Stick to it.
6. No threats to public safety such as driving recklessly, drunk or under the influence of prescription/street drugs.
7. No damage to public property.
8. No restriction upon the free will of another.
9. No oppression or taking advantage of anyone.
10. No misleading of anyone in matters of the heart, financial agreements, living arrangements or health matters.

This seems simple and straightforward. There are grey areas but you must realize when you are crossing the line.

Why are we so concerned with your potential negative behavior? Because we are invested in helping you find your path and to realize each of your life goals. We aren’t looking for things to complain about. We only wish to guide you and see the boost to your Divine energy.

This does take work and perseverance. It isn’t something that you may do immediately. During the next few days and weeks, we will help you make some smaller changes which will add more grace and love to your existence. You will see and feel the difference. We also hope that you understand and accept that there is a spiritual purpose to this life. You have spent too much time chasing other goals and dreams. It is time to come back to your intrinsic purpose and find your true success here.

We are working with you on a daily basis. We have contact with your guides and we have grown to know you quite well. This is an exciting time and we wish to be an important part of your self-actualization.

Trust and have faith. We know love and your Divine purpose. YOU are why we exist and it is an honor to know you.


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