Spring in Your Step!

We are being showered with an amazing glow of sunshine! It is “Spring” whether it is official or not. The energy rising is springlike.

What are we in store for? New beginnings, renewed ambition, growing energy and the culmination of many dreams. We have much to be thankful for. We came from this long and cold winter and we are ready for something new!

Ask and you shall recieve. What we often do is ask and then block everything successful and nice because we are used to lack and failure. This is the year when we will stay out of our way and ALLOW success and prosperity.

How do we do this? By repeating positive affirmations. I am successful, I have great wealth, I am open to the gifts of God, I am healed, I have a wonderful and fulfilling job, I am healthy… All the time! Why all of the time? Because if left on our own we would, of course, revert back to lack and failure.

Be positive, be joyful, expect wonderful things, set some goals, and send out good feelings into the world. Remember the Law of Attraction. If you are dismal and negative then that is what the Universe will give to you as well.

Try your hand at manifestation. Imagine your life being fulfilled according to your desires. Do your best to feel, see and hear exactly what you expect your life to be.

Do you want a boat? Be on the boat. Hear the water woosh, the sun beat down on your happy face, the sway of the waves, hear some gulls, and touch the smooth fiberglass under your fingers. Spend as much time as you wish being in that moment. The more real you make it the more likely it will come to you. Just remember, DON’T tell the Universe how to bring it to you. Just ask for it and ALLOW! The minute you start saying well I like this boat shop or I could get a loan from here or there… you’ll block the “Gift” from coming to you. Just let the Universe do its thing. Don’t set any rules.

This is possible with any desire. You may even imagine good health. Just immerse yourself in images of good health and wellbeing. Spend time being “healthy.” Imagine all of your lab tests being normal, all x-rays being negative, and all of your meds being optimally effective. Visualize your Dr. telling you that you are well and you have boundless energy and positive inspiration.

This works with anything that you wish. There is plenty of information about manifestation. Choose the best format for you.

Indulge! Allow the Universe to bring you everything that you desire. Whether you want to buy a house, write a book or start a new career, put your emotions behind it and imagine already having your desires. This is the Law of Attraction with the boost of Spring along with it! Enjoy!

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