The Barriers of Deceit

More usable energy today. Things seem to be getting more busy and maybe even hectic. Rise above any irritability and use the energy wave for manifesting your desires.

There is possibly some confusion over yesterday’s post. A few of you have resisted self-examination, but most of you have been more open-minded. This is ok. We all don’t advance at the same pace. This process is very specific for each individual. Please don’t opt out! We will cover many topics and you will be drawn to several of them.

Today we speak of deceit. This is revealed in many different forms. Sometimes we lie openly. Sometimes we mislead in conversation and avoid the truth as long as no one calls you out on it. Other times we gather with one or many and tell mistruths about someone who is not present. At other times we misrepresent ourselves in writing such as embellishing our resumes and/or catfishing others in social networking. There are an endless amount of ways that you may lie or mislead someone. These are only a few examples.

You may resist the belief that some of these types of deceit are harmless. You believe that it is a trait where no one gets hurt. We offer you the notion that YOU are the one who suffers. Lies and other forms of deceit create a darkness in your being. Your honest and valid relationship with God is at least partially blocked by this habit of lying.

You also diminish the Light in the being of the person or people you are gossiping or lying about. By gathering negative and dark energy and focusing it against someone, you ARE harming them!

So, the habit of lying, manipulating and misrepresenting yourself, you are impeding your chart and travel toward ascension. These traits are not “of God.” If you were to meet your guide face to face, you would be presented with this. The people here on this site are not murderers, rapists or career criminals. Those sins would be obvious. We are here on the fringe. We have some emotional baggage and negative habits that need some gentle nudging and exposure.

You are close to genuinely reengaging with your chart. These are the traits that are holding you back from rising to your higher self. If you had some serious criminal behavior you wouldn’t be reading this.

Relax. Allow some self-reflection to occur. Making some minor adjustments will propel you further along your path. We will focus upon and release the blocks and barriers that are in your way.

We are not purposely trying to cause you emotional distress. Spirit is very direct and matter-of-fact. You are the one feeling resistance to these suggestions for increasing your connection to God and spirit. Meditate. Allow the sting of defensiveness to be released and let us make some real progress toward fulfilling your life chart.

Spirit adorns you only in love. We have agreed to walk beside you at this time in your earth life. We are best friends and our goal is to help you achieve great spiritual success in this life, just as you had intended.

I love you dearly. Walk with me to the Temple of God and there we will celebrate your accomplishments!


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