Busting Out

Many of you are taking a giant leap forward. It may feel to you like you are unsteady on your feet or a little woozy. This is a good thing. You will notice some increases in your time management, conflict resolution, peacekeeping, budgeting, prioritizing and food shopping with meal planning.

Your home life and work environment will benefit from your improved skills. Time is no longer spinning backward. It is now pushing forward at an amazing pace. Make your wish list and watch it be fulfilled. Set some short and longterm goals and have instant help from the Universe.

This may be a good time to release some more bad habits. Today we will focus on self-centeredness.

Being selfish is a common habit. Somewhere along the way in life you have missed many opportunities to focus outside of yourself. In childhood you may have placed the needs af a sibling, pet or best friend ahead of your own. This is very common for those who focus outward instead of inward. It is also a big step in gaining maturity. In young adulthood you may also have cherished the wellbeing of classmates, a significant other, extended family members as well as the people previously mentioned.

Once you have moved out of your home environment there were a great many opportunities to focus outside of yourself as well. Much of these opportunities depend upon your level of independence and maturity.

Eventually you will marry or commit to a partner and possibly start a family. This is the time when you look outside of yourself and value the health and wellbeing of others well above your own…or not.

There are many differing reasons why you have maintained your focus on yourself above all others. It is not our desire to review each of your potential reasons here. What we would like is for you to develop a list of steps that you intend to make in order to focus outside of yourself. It may help you if you list your reasons in order to accomplish this.

This is a spiritual task. It is not our intention for you to become defensive. It is about love, support, friendship and nurturing. There are many reasons that you will find to be caring and protective of those around you. You are stable and successful in your life. It is definitely time to focus on loved ones and make your effort to support their attempts to be as prosperous as you.

Now you may want to say, “But I have my own home, bills, responsibilities, problems…” Again, this is a spiritual task. Your cup runneth over and others need your attention to feel as loving, supportive, caring and successful as you. It is all about relying upon YOUR faith. You are here, at this time and place seeking contact with God and spirit. You ARE the basis from which all success will flow. By you knowing and relying upon God, it is your duty to raise up all others.

Ahhh, now it makes more sense. You must now look inside and remove all barriers to your ability to “guide” your loved ones to a higher purpose and a better level of stability. This is done in many ways. We caution you against enabling anyone. We prefer that you are honest without being hurtful and set healthy boundaries for loved ones. Don’t do everything for them. There are expectations for each of you to be stable, prosperous and spiritually successful. Carry your own weight just as you expect others to do the same.

You may question your need to be so outwardly focused. Just remember that life is not about money and possessions. It is all about raising your vibration and ascending closer to God. Your struggle to feel self-actualized may actually be due to your focus within instead of outward. Yes, this also makes great sense!

Use the boost in energy to attain some goals and nurture who you want to be. It is also a good time to help those around you to succeed as well. This is one of your goals in life. This is part of your ongoing agreement with God.

As I have said before, I am here to guide you back to your path. God’s goals regarding human life are not materialistic. It is to bring you home and achieve as many goals of this life as you can. That is why you are here and we speak to each other. I am your guide to the Kingdom of Heaven.


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