Releasing Serious Traits

Welcome to Your Higher Self! You have found me here and we shall work together for some time. We have much to cover and much more to learn. Let us make haste and begin!

We have already asked for you to release some of your lower energy habits. It seems many of you have not yet completed this task. Worry not. We will go through this again.

Make a list of your qualities. Do not judge or condemn. Just make a comprehensive list and we will filter out some of the habits that must be released.

Do not judge! Be as objective as possible. We only need the list. We do not want the emotional connection just yet.

Now we must release the habits that are intentionally harmful to others. This includes abuse, neglect, violence, and ganging together to harm a person or group of people. This is physical harm as well as emotional harm.

You may be surprised to hear that spiritual people are harming others but it is true. There are often times when a person shows their public persona but we never glimpse their actual personality. In private they may verbally abuse many of their family members or even just their spouse. This is still abuse. People don’t need to know about it in order to qualify as injurious behavior. They may also spank or otherwise strike their children. They may also be verbally abusive or neglectful to their parents. We all have baggage from our childhood but some of us act upon those bad memories or relationships.

Now we must release the behavior that is harmful to others but is more insidious. No more gossip, prejudice, or passive-aggressive behavior. Be up front and honest with your feelings and emotions. You are not able to hide your indifference if you are stating your beliefs openly. If you have feelings or thoughts that you may feel ashamed of in a group of people then that behavior must be released. It makes sense, right?

Let us stop here. We will continue this topic at a later time. Right now you need to be honest with yourself if you have characteristics which are not “Of God.” No need to become defensive. This is between you and God alone. There is no shame in that relationship. You must be open and honest and work closely with God to increase your vibration and make changes to be positive, humble and supportive to yourself and all others.

Expose your prejudice and work with God to make your soul pure and holy once again. Lower your walls. Commune with God. Lay all of your limitations and weaknesses before Him. Ask for your absolution and make repairs daily to uphold and honor all others.

It is easier than you think. By releasing your lower energy you grow closer to God, and in His Light, your tendency to harm and belittle will diminish.

Do your best to resist anger or defensiveness. I love you dearly and I have come forward to help you increase your alignment with God. I do not judge or punish. My work is to “guide.”

Guidance is successful through objectivity, honesty and the desire to ascend to your rightful place in the Kingdom of God. I did not come here to hurt you. I came to lead you by the hand.

With Love,


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