Anger is Unproductive

You are seeking and searching. You have made a list of things you want or need and you are impatiently waiting for a response. It doesn’t work like this. You must take time and allow answers to flow to you naturally.

Why now? Why are you so impatient? Is there a deadline that you have set? No! You are impatient because the Universe is not doling out gifts just yet. Why? Because the Universal Energy is at odds with progress. Or rather, certain types of progress.

Much of our world will keep moving along. Automatic things will keep occurring. Spring will come. Snow will turn into rain. Wildlife will reemerge. What isn’t happening are career changes, new purchases, new relationships, changes in your stock portfolio… It really is time to just lay low and allow life to keep unfolding.

Patience is needed. There are books to read, movies to see, art shows to view… Taking a time out doesn’t mean that nothing may be gained or accomplished. Make some short-term goals. Do some Spring cleaning. Meet for lunch with some old friends. Pushing the Universe right now will only cause the Universe to push back. Then, nothing will truly be gained.

Relax. Stay with your current routine and wait for the green light. Much may be done to expand your soul and seek a better connection to God and spirit. The small stuff does need to be reviewed and placed in alignment. This is a perfect time to do this.

Work on forgiveness. List some events or relationships that are overwrought with emotional damage. Place your needs into perspective. Do you really need an apology? Do you really not empathize with their perspective? Is their stand completely unacceptable? No! No! No!

At this point, release your negative, blocked up energy surrounding this conflict. Unclog your passageways. Lighten your load. Does this mean that you must crawl back to them and beg forgiveness or reconcile in any way? No! This release is for you. Removing barriers to your own wellbeing is exactly what you could be doing right now. Then when everything shifts direction and your desires may be fulfilled again you will be brighter and more receptive to the bounty that comes to you!

It is also a good time to see your Doctor. The status quo will be there after your appointment. Get up to date on your physical health. Take good care of you. When the energy turns toward gifts and bounty again, you will be in good shape for all of the positive energy you are hoping to gain. Receiving universal awareness and progress takes energy and emotional stability. Being in good physical health is recommended.

Don’t forget to organize your wishes and desires. As soon as energy flows toward us again you’ll want to be ready. You will recognize the relief before anyone else has to tell you. It will feel like the downstream travel that we are used to only you’ll be better prepared since you’ve resolved some issues and cleaned out some emotional closets.

Clutter holds negative energy. Clean out some longstanding issues now while there is plenty of downtime.

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