Welcome From Ardomn

(I have a new guide. He is adorned in bright blue, gold and silver flashes of light. I feel so much peace and contentment.)

It is ok to add pieces of the puzzle when you realize that you may have forgotten or overlooked them. It is never too late to get caught up to your life-chart.

We tend to focus in specific areas of our chart for much of our time. We may focus on writing and lose the concept of spiritual learning. Or making money instead of intellectual enrichment. We also may focus more on our physical health for much of our lives and neglect our emotional or intellectual health. This is common and not necessarily a bad thing. It may take many years to be able to focus on our holistic health without neglect to any major life lessons.

Maturity may open the door to many balanced and fulfilling pursuits. Perspective always influences what we learn and how fast we progress through our intended lessons. Your focus at this point would be better addressed by being objective, open-minded, mature and strong in faith. After you have taken these steps, your life-chart will automatically be called into alignment and your projected tasks will flow to you naturally.

The best approach to success is to remain objective, open-minded, mature and strong in faith. It is like trying to change any habit. In order to keep the change, you must work at it and resist falling into your former habits.

Any successful spiritual leader is able to maintain this state of faith, thus gaining experience and knowledge more easily. It is not common to follow any leader who has drastic mood changes or impulsive behavior. You wouldn’t feel reassured or emotionally safe.

Role models are important for any successful life. We may not have to rediscover the wheel at any time. People that you seek have strengths in areas of your own interest. That isn’t coincidental, it is part of the inner workings of human life and society. We are intended to begin where someone else left off. We are social beings and this is only one aspect of how God has intended you to learn and raise your vibration.

You are not an isolated being. We are all designed to bounce energy off of one another. Friends and partners are found in this manner. You came here with a blueprint of expected life experiences and finding those of like-mind is an integral part of it.

Family is our emotional basis. Sure, mistakes are made but we charted this existence. Then we gather education and friends to fulfill much of what we find interesting or important. Then, we may choose a mate but this process also takes time and energy. Then we enter the workforce and build our self-directed life around the partner, family and friends that we have. It is perfectly fine to make changes to this structure. Keep fine tuning your life and grow because of it.

Then make the larger decisions about your faith, spirituality and self-actualization. It is never too late to add any piece to your puzzle. Never pressure yourself to feel behind. Life flows and your attunement flows as well.

Open your life to spirit and God. Maintain your confidence that all will be accomplished during your lifetime and the next situations, lessons and life experiences will be presented to you. Have faith in this.

Much of your spiritual success hinges upon meditating, being grounded, cleansed and cleared. From that state of spiritual health there will be no task that is overwhelming or beyond your capabilities. That is what faith is.

My love to you,
Ardomn, The Mighty Warrior
It is my duty to bring you along on God’s Path.

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