Fear and Doors

Is your fear holding doors closed? You are asking God for changes in your life but you are also struggling to keep things the same. This is how you hold yourself back from any expansion.

God wants to bring you improvements and positive changes but your apprehension is keeping those doors closed. Going through change may be uncomfortable. We usually like routine and habit. For change to occur we have to step into some unknown areas. We must ALLOW change.

You want a new job but you have to go through applying, interviewing and patiently waiting, perhaps another interview. It is a committment in itself to job search. Then, if you don’t get the job you may be reluctant to keep trying.

You asked for a new home. Then, you must release your current home! Easier said then done. This takes faith and trust in something bigger than you. In order to allow your living situation to change you must TRUST that you have another living situation waiting. Most people are not as free and flexible as this.

Then, do you take into consideration that the job was not the right one? Or, that home was not for you? This truth may be more difficult to accept. We may actually have to apply for several jobs and look at many homes. At that point, have you subconsciously closed those doors? Your fear of change is what has kept you in the same job or living in the same home.

Being closer to God will help in your need for improvement and change. With constant or at least more frequent contact with the Divine, you will release your need to control and allow God to bring you the very changes that you seek. FAITH is required!

We also fear changes in our health. We may be ill or diagnosed with something overwhelming but we must allow ourselves to be healed. We have to let go of the feelings of illness, the symptoms and the day-to-day struggle we have being unwell. We must also release the need to identify yourself as a sufferer of “____________” or “_____________”. Releasing all of the aspects of being unwell is essential to accept any healing by God or any other healers.

As odd as it sounds we become accustomed to being ill. We would miss the back pain or the arthritis in our knees or the darkness of depression.

We close doors on many upgrades and improvements in our lives just by seeking the status quo.

Much may be accomplished by releasing control over many aspects of your life to God. Allow your faith to bring in some really powerful and positive changes. Don’t hold those doors closed any longer. Avoid buying into the Law of Attraction when it comes to dead-end jobs, medical problems, financial problems, relationship stressors or any other negative cycle you have in your life. Stop saying, “With my luck I’ll …” or “I have always have something wrong with me,” or “I’ll be in this job until I die,” or “This house is falling in around me,” or “I’ll never own a nice car.” Only speak positive words and emotions full of hope. Profess to already being happy, well, prosperous, fulfilled in your career, pleased with your housing, enjoying wonderful vacations, publishing books, retiring early…

In order for God to give you the opportunity to make your life better, you must release your need for things to remain the same. Drop your fear and embrace everything on the other side of those doors! God wants you to be happy and fulfilled. Negate your need for routine and habit.

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