The Blessed Way

Do you question every step? Is it difficult to change your mind once you have committed to a plan of action? Does it seem impossible to imagine another road that you could have taken? Then you are out of touch with your soul, your guides and God.

Life is meant to be more fluid and flexible. Answers come to you without any long consideration. You may have a perspective of maybe yes… maybe no. “I could have went this way or that.” “Either would have been fine.”

Does this flexibility sound very foreign to you? God’s Will is fluid. There are many differing paths that flow around many differing obstacles. The journey is not the lesson but the destination is. We do have a lot of flexibility in our charts. We may have taken a detour along the way but that doesn’t mean that the destination is no longer available to us. God wouldn’t be that harsh.

Life flows. There are not hard corners to negotiate. Instead, there are changes in the current. Being rigid and unforgiving is not God’s Way.

Everything is up to interpretation as we make our journey. Many things will alter our perspective. We certainly wouldn’t make the same choices at 21 that we would make at 61. God allows for that. Maturity and experience will color everything that we do. With grace, hopefully, we will be more wise and knowledgable year after year. Our perspective and insight will improve and we will get closer to our goals in life as we age.

Are there setbacks? Yes. We are not perfect at every turn, no one is. Are we headed forward? If yes, then that is all we may ask for now.

The importance of decision-making is to avoid being unforgiving. This is important for you and those in your life. Mistakes are ok. Embrace the process. Smile and give or receive guidance. In fact, being rigid will hold you back much more than being flexible and accepting. All of the walls and barriers in your life are what you have created. Happiness, love, faith and maturity are not encased in any material. If there are inflexible rules, again, they are of your doing.

There is joy in life. Being flexible leaves plenty of room for love and creativity. You’re going to get to the same place anyway, might as well be happy while getting there! Your perspective toward yourself and others will benefit greatly if you enjoy the journey and allow for many different possibilities. Any spiritual leader may allow for alternative perspectives. Please allow for people to arrive at the same place at different times or by different routes. If someone states you may only use this one way and only at this one time then that is not true spirituality. It sounds like dogma.

Release your binds. Embrace your individuality and the uniqueness of others. Are you headed toward God, your higher self and the expansion of your soul? Then you are on the right path. Relax and allow for some interesting detours along the way. There is truly more joy in life when you release your need for rules. Give yourself and others the freedom to navigate the way to God with personality and flexibility. Despite what you may think, dogma will not get you to the same place.

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