Making This a Better Place

This is literally inside and out. Inside is to involve more love, joy, happiness and forgiveness in your life. Outside is to tidy things up and maybe give something a coat of paint.

Simple may be better. Keep only feelings of a positive nature in your mind and heart. Clean, organized and declutter your home, yard, workplace, car and closets.

It is simple to love God and to keep your home as an extension of God’s Temple. Clutter in your mind and environment just makes for jumbled thoughts and feelings. Negative energy gets stuck in corners, layers of things and outdated items piled up. A clear slate is just what you need! We all seem to forget that.

Remember how it feels to have everything in its place, have a good meal ready to eat, the snow is shoveled and laundry is done. It is a quiet resolve that you may feel. This content feeling is where we find God.

Flushing out your stagnant emotions and useless clutter makes it much easier to pray, meditate and seek guidance. Flush your areas with White Light and make sure to envision it in motion and stunningly bright. Life’s energy is fluid. Clutter gets in the way.

Stress also absorbs negative energy and intent. You may have trouble sleeping. You may be over or under eating. Your coping skills are ineffective. It is a flush of cleansing light that gets you closer to a serene and emotionally healthy state.

It is nearly impossible to find God with debris and cloudiness in your personal space. You may be misleading yourself by hearing the word of God despite this interference but you may hearing your own ego voice or even lower energies. Then some know that they are unable to connect with God due to the stress and turmoil in their lives. To reconnect, you must clear your mind and body. If you must, maybe you could write everything down so that you may set it aside.

What is important to remember is that your life is charted. You knew before this incarnation that you would be dealing with these very stressors at this time in your life. Why is this important? Because you have already written the solutions as well. Declutter your personal space and improve your chances of finding those answers! They are right there at your fingertips.

You’ve handled all of this when you wrote your chart. ALLOW your own chart to reveal the next steps to you. It is far more difficult to navigate your life when you are distant and blocked from God and all of your Heavenly Hosts. ALLOW them to help you as they had agreed to. Life is so much simpler than we make it out to be.

This is true of all of life’s struggles. Even a sudden death, a chronic illness, financial ruin, conflict… This is all in your plan and you have already decided your course of action. Even difficult things are intended to be learned from. The only misstep you can make is to NOT deal with things. This would be your own personal will and not God’s will. Then, you have stepped outside of your chart and allowed things to take their own course.

It is also your own personal will to take other routes such as drugs, alcohol, abuse, and neglect. These afflictions may be charted or they may be your own doing. You will not find your chart again until you have resolved these issues. It is possible to lose sight of your chart and not regain it for the remainder of your earth life. We all have family members or other people we know who we suspect have done this in their own lives. That is between them and God.

Your chart is your responsibility. If you become delayed or distracted, there may be issues that you have not resolved or learned the intended lessons from. With your expanding knowledge it is possible to make the necessary corrections to your current path and successfully complete much of what you came here to do. It helps to cleanse and clear your entire being and maintain your connection to God. Resist your ego voice and protect yourself from lower energies that will mislead you. It is so easy for you to tell yourself exactly what you want to hear and assume it is coming from God.

Make this a better place by cleansing and clearing your mind, body, soul and personal space. Clutter is distracting and may harbor negative energy. Cleaning the slate on a regular basis will improve your chances of actually being close to God and not just misleading yourself to think that you are. We all do this. Our success depends upon us being astute enough to stop.

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