Puzzles and Fairy Tales

Puzzles and fairy tales exist in everyday life. Without these dynamics life would get boring and stagnant.

Puzzles are not really mysterious at all. They are just situations that we haven’t fully understood yet. We look at these situations with objectivity but no feeling. They may continue to puzzle us if we don’t allow for more layers of experience to be involved. It may seem flat and out-of-place.

Some of us walk away and never find the true meaning of the puzzle. We don’t allow our senses to fully comprehend the circumstances. We look at it a few times then throw our hands up and move on. This is problematic when the puzzle involves your emotional relationships with others. You may give up too soon and leave someone feeling misunderstood or alone.

You’ve begun to view things in an intellectual way and have closed off some of your more sensitive qualities. This is not God’s Way. In order to love someone you are expected to engage them more personally. Why do we distance ourselves from those closest to us? Perhaps out of self-protection. Maybe we have been hurt before and we resist being emotionally harmed again. Maybe we’re stressed. Our worries and responsibilities consume our attention and we react to life on cruise control. We may not realize that our distance is leaving someone feeling unloved.

We also may have not learned to be intimately close to someone. We have learned to manipulate others and avoid any close contact. You may go through the motions. Others in your life believe that you love them and are interested in their thoughts and feelings but this is facade in favor of your own needs.

God’s desire is for you to engage those closest to you in loving, caring and accepting relationships. The habit of tuning people out is not what Christ would do.

Solve the puzzles. Get closer, not further away. Make a genuine attempt to understand who you love. Start knocking down the walls and make sure to check both sides of any situation. You have as much to do with the distance between you as they do. You have decided to stop listening and understanding. They may be weaker, more fragile, less accomplished, less educated, and have fewer healthy coping skills. Or… you are the one with more limitations!

Love is a universal language. You came to the life to ascend to a higher existence. That goal includes healthier and more fulfilling relationships. God did not send us here alone. We are social beings and this “coming together” IS one of your life goals.

Fairy tales have less to do with a healthy, well-adjusted life than you may realize. The fairy tale is what you believe would be the ultimate existence. Money, wealth, prestigious family, several homes, successful businesses, flashy cars, physical beauty or prowess… This is NOT what you have written and certainly NOT what God wants for you. Soul growth is essential to this earth life. There is no other reason to be here if you are not expanding your existence.

You may have lost your way. Know that God intends for you to know love, self-love, romantic love, and family love. Also, love for humankind, Heaven and earth.

The fairy tales are not real. The puzzles are. Make a goal to come closer to your loved ones each day. Don’t distance yourself and continue to care about how they think and feel. Building those walls around you not only keep others out but they also keep you in. This is NOT God’s Way.

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