Tried And True

There is always more to the story. Tried and true refers to the significance of regular prayer, meditation and spiritual growth & awareness. We always want the next best thing. How do we make things easier, more streamlined or unique? We really don’t have to. Stick to the basics and perform them regularly. The next new trick is actually making the basics a steadfast habit.

How many of us are making these habits a daily thing? Do we really need a nifty trick if we aren’t yet fully functional of the ground-level basics?

The habit of twice daily prayer, meditation and opening to spirit & God will bring bountiful new energy and inspiration. Begin here. Don’t skip ahead until you have mastered these tried and true skills.

You cannot imagine how much beauty and energy will flow to you by being in this grounded, centered and open state. Make this your natural being and then the magic and miracles will flow automatically. Then, you may feel stuck and out of touch again. Why? Because you have drifted away from being grounded, centered and open.

Think of it as needing a starting block for further gifts and inspiration to be stacked upon. If you lack a good foundation, the more exotic gifts will be out of whack and unpredictable. They will not last and you’ll experience only fleeting episodes of connectedness.

This is very common. You may have asked God for a newer, better running car. The Universe delivered and you found something perfect. Then, the deal is difficult or the price becomes unmanageable. Why? Because you lost the foundation of connectedness. The deal went sour because of your excitement of finding something special. You again turned inward and ego based and the deal fell apart. Or, you asked for a healing from cancer. The Universe answered and you were given some encouraging news about your health. Then, more bad news came along. The miracle you felt you received is now on shaky ground. Why? Because you again forgot that for your miracle healing you needed to surrender to God and have complete faith. You shifted again toward independence and ego. You lost sight of the miracle of God.

This is true in all areas of life. Allowing God to be first and foremost brings unimaginable joy and prosperity. The moment you begin feeling responsible and accountable for all of your blessings, they disappear.

There is an analogy about who is driving the bus. If you are in the driver’s seat, conditions are uncertain. You feel at the mercy of fate and keeping your sense of control diminishes. If you begin to allow God to drive the bus, life flows and you feel safe and secure. Your chart flows to you and all of your questions are answered. You feel connected to God, spirit and nature. Answers to your everyday struggles arrive on time. You want for nothing because you understand the synchronicity of the Universe. There is no longer any pressure to feel in control.

Many of us want the magic key to unlocking the miracles of life. We want something more exotic or unusual. Often we overlook the necessity of being grounded, centered, cleared and cleansed. We don’t meditate because there must be something more obscure that we may do. We neglect good self-care because we want something more unusual to rely upon.

This is truly inaccurate. We must begin at the beginning. Being spiritually available and open to God is required. Prayer, meditation and spiritual growth & awareness are the foundation for connectedness to God. We must do our share in order to be available for grace. If we skip the first few steps, there will only be fleeting moments of the Divine.

This is a TRUTH of the Universe that we may recognize in life. Be perceptive to when you have allowed grace to lead you and when you have assumed control and things begin to go awry. Faith is an answer. Faith is a way of life. Step back and release your need to direct everything. Allow life to flow and you’ll immediately begin to see more success and prosperity.

This is your answer to good spiritual health. Begin with the basics and resist the urge to reclaim control. Life itself is magic. There isn’t any need for miracle products or skeleton keys.

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