It All Comes Out In The Wash

Just when you have yourself convinced that you must certainly have wandered too far away from God, we tell you to ask for forgiveness and rejoin the Light! Simple.

The Divine has never turned away from you. It is you who has ventured into some dark and dysfunctional areas. Don’t fret. Ask for forgiveness and make steps to rejoin your chart and work for the Light.

Anyone is able to rejoin God, at any time. You may feel that you have certainly pushed some boundaries way too far. Perhaps you have committed crimes, been absorbed in drugs, physically and/or emotionally harmed others, damaged property, been untruthful… You are welcome to come back home.

How do you return to the Light?

1. Stop the negative/disruptive/dysfunctional behavior. It may take time and some repeated attempts, but if you are sincere, God will understand.

2. Make amends. Be brighter and more supportive. Re-establish some relationships or if the other person(s) are dysfunctional you may need to stay away.

3. Ask for and offer forgiveness. Difficult times in life color the way your relationships flow. Things may be said or done that were hurtful or uncaring from all parties of conflict. With maturity and a desire for absolution, it may now be possible to forgive and be forgiven. If you hold on to vengeance, your closeness to God will suffer.

4. Be genuine. Do not show others your “nice” face then gossip, complain or align against them. God sees all of your behavior, not just your public persona.

5. See everything as good, positive and helpful. Even accidents or serious illness have lessons to be learned. Perspective holds the key.

6. Offer a portion of your day to the service of God. Whatever resonates with you is a good place to start. Pray for others, donate time or money, heal yourself AND others, show compassion or understanding to someone who needs it, paint or write a work for public display, help an elder, help a disabled child, organize a renewed playground, teach someone to dance…

7. Shout out your appreciation for EVERYTHING! Give thanks for the sunshine, the commute, the view from a bridge, the sunset, laughing school kids, your mother’s smile… anything and everything. As stated before, even the rain, snow storms, traffic congestion, barking dogs… have a place in God’s world. Be grateful and appreciative for every moment. You’ll find more positive and loving things will come to you simply because of your good attitude. It is The Law of Attraction!

8. Remember that we all experience times of need. Forgo your habit to judge.

9. Worship! Say grace for God and all beings positive and full of Light. Thirst to know God and be ONE with Source. Faith will bring about more faith. Love begets more love. Respect will draw to you more respect. Worshipping is an integral part of regaining your closeness to God.

10. Repel the darkness. Even in times of stress, choose to be upbeat and hopeful. The tug of negative energy will occur again and again. The darkness feeds upon your spiritual energy when your defenses are low. Stop this cycle and look again for God’s Grace. You have not gone so far away that He will not be able to “save” your soul. It takes but a moment to feel God’s embrace once again.

Don’t shun the Light because of things you may have said or done. It all comes out in the wash. The wash of God’s Glory, that is.

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