New Faces In The Crowd

Does it seem like you are meeting some new people? There is an influx of new energy and the people who bring it are exciting. It seems like the momentum of the new year has unblocked some stagnant cosmic energy. People that need to be here are getting here all at once.

Do your best to remain in the mix. Some positive and meaningful relationships will take shape. There may be new faces but there may also be some renewed faces. Where will these interactions likely take you? Higher.

They are connections that are not stuck in dark or negative behavior. Your only responsibility is to keep from falling back into your usual emotional cycles. Allow God to bring you the boost through other people set in your path.

These are likely earth guides. People in life who charted an interaction with you to teach and alter your existence for the better. Some earth guides come and go. Others stay.

What is the best way to identifying the purpose of your earth guide? By being objective. Leave your emotions and dysfunction at the door. Try your best to understand what it is you wanted this person to teach you.

Earth guides may teach in positive or negative ways. Positive is by teaching you exactly what you either want to know, to be, to accept… Negative is by teaching by being what you don’t want to be.

Your contract with God is to be good, do good, and do better each year of your life.

As humans, you have so many other goals and agendas. Few, if any, are in alignment with God.

Wealth is good if you use some of it to help others. A new home is good if you help others. A better job is good if you help others. You may have prosperity AND find time for improving the lives of people in your community.

It is also important to gain spirituality. Ascension is the purpose of every incarnation.

Welcome the new energy and the people who bring it. This wave of intermingled Light is exactly what we all need now. Keep your ideals lofty and your attitude positive. Resist backstepping into negative thought or behavior patterns.

This is a new year and we have all of the necessary tools for improving our spirituality. This is truly a springboard for the next level of self-actualization! You will amaze yourself with how much you get done with appreciation and anticipation.

You have my support and assistance to carry the cross. Do as Jesus would do. We are One with Him and Our Heavenly Father. We have goals and milestones yet to achieve. Don’t allow your life purpose to be unresolved. Human life has a way of distracting you.

Remember, your life goals are positive and spiritual.


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