Another Springboard: 1/1/14

Try to hang on! There is a spiritual blast coming through. I expect it is from the New Moon today, the numerical 1/1, and the continued spirit presence of our holidays!

A sad note is that many loved ones choose to cross over at this time of year. There are many benefits for them when they do. The spirit energy cycle is high with the celebration of the birth of Christ. When they go home they may be there in time for the party. That depends upon how long they cocoon and heal from this incarnation.

They also will make room for new energy coming in for this new year. Please don’t be too sad at the passing of your loved one. When they charted this transition they had the best intentions to return to the Godhead when celebration and energy abounds. This is a time of transition that they looked forward to.

If you ponder the personality and faith of these loved ones who are crossing over now you’ll see that they “of course” would want to go home at this time. They may be people of strong faith, a community leader, a spiritual leader or someone who has been stuck in a sick, down or tumultuous life cycle. This is an honorable time to transition back to spirit.

The good news for us is this new energy that is available for you to be happy and make positive changes. There may be some spiritual value to the tradition of making resolutions. This is a high energy cycle and you may easily use it for the better. Often, we have good intentions but then fall back into familiar negative patterns of thinking and behavior. We have a chance, right now, to use God’s Grace to benefit our lives. We are not alone in wanting improved joy and happiness. God wants this for us as well.

One change that would make life more prosperous and abundant is to get out of your own way of accepting God’s blessings. We humans place so many artificial barriers and blocks to our innate happiness. Most often we do not realize this is what we have done to ourselves.

Start fresh by being grounded, centered, cleared and cleansed. Then, stay that way! Make good self-care a habit.

Grounding is actively connecting yourself to Mother Earth and God. Centering is aligning all of your chakras into the midline of your body. To be centered your, chakras need to be cleared. Clearing is cleansing and flushing your chakras so that they spin and are crystal clear and healthy. Cleansing is flushing any negative energy from your being and refilling it with White Light or a chakra color of your choosing. There are many posts on this blog to address these actions or you may find some articles online which will resonate with you. By performing these steps you allow God to be close and you will realign with your path. Your energy will bound and you will feel the comfort of being “of God.”

Your life will have new meaning and the depth of your connection to God and spirit will be palpable. This is a state of bliss that will help you ascend to your Higher Self.

Being aligned with God IS your natural state. Perhaps you allowed negativity and dysfunction to cloud your way. There is always time to correct your navigation and come back home. I will welcome you and we will travel these next few steps together.

I love you as I love myself,

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